More than two in every five Singaporeans (42%) are willing to change jobs if it means getting more vacation time. They would be willing to retire earlier (44%), switch industries (37%) and have smaller families (32%) to have more holidays.

This survey by Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji was conducted by Blackbox, polling 1,000 Singaporeans about their biggest barriers to happiness and their happiness on holidays.

The survey further revealed Singaporeans believe general stress (33%) and job stress (26%) are the biggest barriers to their happiness.



Dr Christopher Cheok, author of Achieving Happiness in Singapore, said that Singapore’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyles can lead to mental fatigue and burnout.

"With demanding workplace environments with long work hours, Singaporeans face a lot of pressure, overwhelmed with multiple sources of stress on a daily basis. Consistently high levels of stress rob people of feelings of happiness and well-being," said Dr Cheok.

The good news is that most Singaporeans are 'laidback holidaymakers', with three quarters deriving happiness from leisure activities (75%) whilst on vacation, more than cultural activities (69%), and active experiences (56%).

Photo / 123RF