Many of us over the past year have been working from home, and in doing so have found a new confidence behind the keyboard, but how do you translate that when returning to the office? Danielle Blair, HR Director, at GearHungry shares tips.

Over the past year, the majority of people have been working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions, and it’s been an eye-opening experience for businesses and employees alike. Many people have found the new situation of working from your own home liberating, and not just because you can have another breakfast at 11am. Many have been able to find their work voice, as well as a sense of empowerment away from the office environment.

Here Danielle Blair from GearHungry explains the ways in which you can use your WFH experience to your advantage. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the problems many people face in a busy office environment is comparing your actions and work rate to others. But over the last year we have been able to work comfortably and effectively to our own standards, pushing ourselves when needed, and living without the stress of worrying what others may be thinking.

Carry this new form of self-assessment over into the workplace and hold back from judging your work by others' standards. Instead, be confident in the fact that over the past year you’ve managed to perform successfully from home, under your own supervision - allow yourself to grow individually without mirroring the life of others.

Now is your time to talk

The one thing this year we’ve all got used to (as well as wearing pyjamas all day) is the daily/weekly video call. The common sight of all the faces from your department listening to a speaker, and then trying to subtly get the attention of them so they can get their point across has become a universal game.

Many companies have adopted a ‘raise your hand’ system for wanting to speak, and we don’t know yet whether that will be carried over into the workplace, but even if it is, you’ve now become accustom to being noticed.

It’s not unheard of for people to be spoken over each other in the workplace, and previously the only way to be heard was fight fire with fire and shout back. But bringing a ‘Zoom mentality’ to meetings means that you know what you want to say, when you want to say it, and that people need to know when to listen - don’t be afraid to introduce the sternness that you’ve had to use to get the attention of people on video calls into real life situations.

E-mail trails to showcase your talents

For all the positives that as real-world work environments bring, there’s one thing that always causes issues, and that’s messages getting lost in translation. Being told something in person, and hearing something different is commonplace in every line of work and can leave you feeling like you’ve missed out on a simple instruction, or completely forgotten under the weight of other information. Worst still is when you find that an idea or suggestion that you implemented into a project has, overtime, lost your attached name, or worse, been completely stolen by another colleague.

A benefit from working from home was the ‘can you e-mail it over to me’ suggestion, that guaranteed a virtual paper trail of proof that you’re full of great ideas.

This method of keeping everything in check should 100% be brought with you from lockdown to the real world, as it provides a way to not only keep track of your great work, but also keep wayward actions in place.

Celebrate your wins

In the UK we’ve always been a bit weird when it comes to celebrating our own work. For the most part, we are a nation of introverts when it comes to shouting about our achievements, not just in work but in life.

But with lockdown we’ve been forced to take stock of what we’re doing all the time, and actually speak about it daily. With the removal of being able to show people what you’re doing throughout the day, we’ve had to, for once, speak up and ‘prove’ that we’re working. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds, but it does mean we’ve become adapt to celebrating our work rate, showing off our efforts, and being ready to receive praise for it.

Instead of going back to your old ways, stand up for what you feel is good work, and let people know you’re proud of it.

There’s no shame in being proud of your work and receiving feedback for it.

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