While HR digitalisation may help solve this pain-point faced by a third of employees, it isn't as simple as buying a new platform. If your firm is looking to begin on a digital transformation journey, use these 3Ws to evaluate your digital DNA.

在員工和流程方面,超過五分四(84%)受訪機構無法掌握旗下員工的技能水平,因此難以建立特別工作組以應對疫情; 幾乎一半(49%)機構無法管理新的批核和業務流程。


「涵蓋靈活性、大數據、旅程思考等基本概念,以至人工智能(AI)、區塊鍊和聊天機械人等數碼科技,員工可按自己的時間和進度隨時進行學習。」 – 星展銀行(香港)人力資源主管鄭綺青

In terms of people and processes, 84% of organisations have been unable to track their people’s skill sets to form special taskforces in response to the pandemic, and almost half (49%) were not able to manage new business processes.

With administrative tasks one of the most onerous faced by HR, here's some tips on how to digitize the process and save time for the entire team

“From the basic concept of agility, big data and journey thinking, to digital technologies such as AI, blockchain and chatbots, our employees are empowered to learn at their own time and pace.” – Sharon Cheng, head of HR, DBS Hong Kong