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What you as an HR professional should know about hiring a DPO (such as qualities to look out for), or appointing one of your staff for data protection training.

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Only 38% of APAC organisations were observed to be in the advanced stages of digital agility, according to a recent study.

Ananda首席人力資源總監Santhipharp Khamsa-Ard博士堅定表示:「五年前,數據被當作歷史存檔,案例發生前沒有人會跟進或監控。今天,我們可以隨時追蹤各方面的數據,的確是『數據為王』。」

The importance of people analytics

"Five years ago, data was archived as history. No one followed up or monitored before cases occurred. Today, we can track data to engage with all dimensions, at any time. Indeed, 'data is king'", affirms Dr. Santhipharp Khamsa-Ard, CPO, Ananda.

people analytics, How 6 leaders are embracing a data-driven mindset

Priya Sunil speaks to leaders helming HR at organisations in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, who are at different stations of their people analytics journey, but all have one common destination – improving the employee experience and contributing to business needs.

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Launched on 4 July, the initiative aims to drive digital adoption among aspiring young entrepreneurs, companies, and the nation; attract high-value digital investments, and more.

Coding skills are growing in importance

According to one-third (31%) of the respondents, more than half of the job roles within their organisation require basic and advanced coding skills.