robotic process automation (RPA)

Australia is ranked first with 78% of companies surveyed in the financial services sector adopting robotic process automation (RPA). It is followed by India with 49%, and Hong Kong and Malaysia with 47%, and 44% respectively. Meanwhile, Singapore is at 28%.

金獎得主Rymnet Solutions的行政總裁兼董事總經理Bryan Un分享成功的關鍵因素。

Scoot’s HR team

Building chatbots integrated with its internal platforms and providing real-time communications and support to employees has been top-of-mind, says Theresa Tan, Head of HR, Scoot.

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Gold winner Rymnet Solutions' CEO & Managing Director, Bryan Un, shares the key ingredients that led to this success.

 hottest skills in business

The decision-making skills behind critical IT and HR roles are not just growing in importance; they are on a collision course, says Rob Thompson, Editor of Strategic Content, Allegis Global Solutions.

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We also catch up with silver winner Rymnet Solutions and bronze winner Troopers who share the secrets behind their wins at the HR Vendors of the Year 2021.