Screenshot from webinar on digital transformation

Digitalisation is not an issue impacting specific functions; it’s a company-wide challenge. Learn the essentials from leaders at Tokopedia, GovTech, and SEEK Asia to future-proof your business.


The grant helps to kickstart projects that adopt technology to automate business operations. Each successful application will receive up to 50% of the total project cost, subject to a ceiling limit of RM200,000 (or whichever is lower).

The SME Digital Guidebooks, which are currently focused on the retail and F&B industry, will aid businesses in mapping digital needs, technologies, business goals and best practices.

The financial services firm is not one to shy away from doing new things - from looking for talent in unusual places to consolidating the strengths of senior, successful leaders into a new framework.


Singtel’s HR digital transformation helped the company to record its highest levels of employee engagement since this metric was first measured starting in 1998. "A key element of our success was ensuring that every employee was brought on this transformation journey," said Tan Lee Choo, VP, People Operations, Singtel.

該金融服務公司勇於尋求新突破 — 透過新途徑發掘人才、以至將成功資深領袖的優勢整合至新框架。

Ergon創辦人Kingson Kwan:「無論在傳統經濟還是新經濟下,員工始終是任何企業的成功關鍵。」