COMAT Training Services, NTUC LearningHub and New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Singapore have been chosen by HR professionals in Singapore as the most preferred training providers of IT skills.

This is according to Human Resources' Vendors of the Year 2014, an annual special edition which compiled the top vendors, service providers and consultants used by HR professionals and business leaders for a variety of purposes and functions under human resources.

Kwek Kok Kwong, CEO of NTUC LearningHub, said the company has just gone through a growth spurt, which has allowed it to strengthen their offerings and deliver an event greater impact to the Singapore workforce.

"One area that we are moving into and evolving is e-learning and m-learning. More and more people are tech savvy, and they have devices that enable them to learn on the move," he said. "Data Protection training is another area that we have developed to support greater awareness and compliance to the PDPA regulations."

Franky Espehana, general manager of New Horizons, said their wide range of courses not only fits the needs of IT professionals and developers, but also employees outside of that department.

Additionally, its innovative training method, Mentored Learning, creates a solution to the issue of having staff away from the office for training for days at a time.

"New Horizons continually think of new strategies to reach out to these untapped audiences. With our advanced learning technologies such as Mentored Learning, we see New Horizons being the forefront of inventive training in this new era, giving students flexibility to train as they progress in their careers," he said.


MORE VENDORS OF THE YEAR 2014 Singapore’s top recruitment websites The 10 most preferred recruitment agencies Singapore’s best C&B consultants Singapore’s top relocation specialists The top employee healthcare providers in Singapore Now in its ninth year, Vendors of the Year provides a ranking of the most preferred vendors, service providers and consultants used by HR and C-suite professionals to recruit, manage and develop talent in Singapore.

More than 125 companies were highlighted as the preferred vendors across 17 categories. These categories cover recruitment, employee healthcare, compensation & benefits, relocation, training venues, serviced apartments, payroll, training and more.

Results are gathered from Human Resources‘ annual HR Trends Survey of 17,723 professionals, made up of senior-level HR professionals (84%) and top management, including general managers, managing directors and CEOs (16%).

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Companies from various industries and of varying sizes are well-represented. Senior professionals from both multinational and small and medium-sized firms were included in the survey, with the biggest industries represented including business services (16%), IT & telecommunications (13%), travel (10%), and financial services and energy, utilities & government (both 9%).

Of these respondents, 60% had either regional or international responsibilities, while 40% had domestic responsibilities in Singapore.

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