Malaysians can do hospital visitations from 23 April onwards

Hospital visitors must mainly be aged 12 and above, and be fully vaccinated, among other requirements stated by the Ministry of Health.

Starting 23 April 2022 (Saturday), individuals can visit patients in hospitals under the Ministry of Health (MOH), in the capacity of a caregiver, or a visitor. This updated visitation policy is, however, based on certain criteria (addressed below), and subject to the capacity and capability of the respective hospitals and wards.

According to the MOH, visitors or caregivers authorised to visit and accompany patients must:

  • Be aged 12 years and above;
  • Be fully vaccinated (i.e. received two doses from the primary vaccine regime, and one dose of booster);
  • Not belong to a high-risk group for COVID-19 infection (i.e. multiple comorbidities);
  • Not be suspected of having COVID-19 or individuals under monitoring, and/or close contacts;
  • Have no symptoms of COVID-19, and
  • Fill in the COVID-19 declaration form and comply with standard operating procedures, and wear personal protective equipment such as face masks.

ICYMIMalaysia's endemic guidelines, effective 1 April 2022: For the general public

The Ministry also noted that for caregivers and visitors of the following categories of patients — COVID-19 patients and non-COVID-19 patients — need to undergo self-RTK-Ag testing, the testing should be conducted within 24 hours prior to arrival at the hospital. The date and time of the test must be stated together with a photograph as proof. Beyond that, caregivers and visitors should note:

  1. Visiting non-COVID-19 patients who are either in the ward, intensive care units (ICUs), or are approaching the end of life are allowed, but limited to two caregivers/visitors at a time. Likewise, they are encouraged to undergo a COVID-19 test using a self-contained RTK-Ag prior to visiting; and
  2. Visiting non-COVID-19 patients who are receiving outpatient or emergency department treatment, only one caregiver/visitor is allowed. Likewise, they are encouraged to undergo a COVID-19 test using a self-contained RTK-Ag prior to visiting.
  3. Visiting COVID-19 patients is only allowed if they are patients classified as specialised care and pediatric patients. On that note, only one caregiver/visitor is allowed, and he will need to undergo a self-reported RTK-Ag test, and be confirmed negative. The self-testing should be repeated if they are symptomatic before returning home, and
  4. Visiting COVID-19 patients is only allowed if they are in the ward, intensive care units (ICUs), or are approaching the end of life. In this case, two caregivers/visitors are allowed, and they will likewise need to undergo a self-reported RTK-Ag test.

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