HR leaders and healthcare benefits officers from leading organisations across Asia have gathered at InterContinental Singapore for the annual Employee Healthcare Interactive 2017. On this page, you can find live updates from the conference, with the most recent session updates appearing first.

That brings us to the end of Employee Healthcare Interactive 2017! Before we end the day, we thank the speakers for making the time to share their best practices. We also thank our sponsors for making this event possible:

Platinum sponsor: Fullerton Healthcare

Gold Sponsor: CXA Mercer Marsh Benefits

Silver Sponsor: Aetna International Mednefits Prudential Singapore

Last but not the least, thank you to all of your delegates for making this conference a wonderful one. We look forward to seeing you again at our other events!

Before we call it a day, delegates are invited to contribute their top takeaway via Pigeonhole on to a word cloud. Alongside, we invite our table hosts to sum up their key takeaways from today.

word cloud

Next, we have a panel of five HR leaders who will discuss ideas for creating a purpose driven culture that aligns with organisational goals and values, with an HR expert with 20 years of experience as the panel moderator - Ramesh Ganeshan, vice-president of HR for the Asia Pacific region at Agility Logistics [seated extreme right].

Joining him are panelists [L-R]:

  • Reddiam Raghu Ram, head of HR for global specialties and Asian talent lead at Shell
  • Janice Ong, pension and benefits director at ABB
  • Jacely Voon, head of regional rewards and HR programme management at Fuji Xerox
  • Linda Lim, director of rewards solutions for East Asia and Japan at Schneider Electric

panel discussion

We then invited Liana Attard, health consulting leader for Asia at Mercer Marsh Benefits on stage. She comes with over 18 years of experience in the insurance, brokering and consulting industry, with 10 years focused on international benefits, global and regional benefits management and multinational pooling.

She brings to us a case study on designing a health management plan that focuses on simplicity, engagement and performance. Taking us through a holistic approach, she affirms to employers the need to define their minimuum standards for a programme, across four criteria - physical, emotional, financial, and social.

liana 2


Now on to our next presentation - currently the regional consulting leader at CXA, our next speaker Cecilia Deasy has over 20 years of experience in consulting, with a focus on the demand for integrated health and wellness plans to drive employee engagement and productivity.

Today, she taps on her vast experience to share how we can tailor health and wellness programmes to create a happy and engaged workforce and achieve maximum ROI.

She makes a point: "Data shows that employees with low health risk generated just 6% of the claims. However, those with moderate risk, generated 46% of the costs - showing the link between employee health and healthcare costs."



Just before lunch, we move on to the third interactive session on today's agenda - with assessing return on investment for healthcare and wellness initiatives as one of the most critical issues being discussed.

interactive 3

With the end of second interactive session, it is time for an insightful case study on using data analytics to form an evidence based approach to boost your health management strategy, brought to us by Ted Minkinow, group chief information officer at Fullerton Health.

Armed with a technology career span of three decades, Minikow shares how to best leverage on technology for reach and engagement, as well as the best way to set goals and objectives to track progress and get leadership buy-in.


We now dive into our next interactive session - delegates enjoy the networking opportunities on their tables.

EHI SG 2017_lead

Now it’s time for the first of five interactive sessions we will be having today. With five topics to be discussed in parallel on both sides of the room, we are pleased to have the following table hosts:

For the topic of Assessing ROI, our table hosts are: Hans Han, regional head of compensation & benefits at Bridgestone Asia Pacific Dr. Faizal Kassim, medical director of clinical services at Fullerton Health

The topic of Healthcare Trends and Cost will be hosted by: Chris Teo, chief executive officer (CEO) of Mednefits Derek Goldberg, managing Director for Asia Pacific at Aetna International

Our table hosts for the Healthcare Governance topic are: Desiree Wu, regional director of operations at VML South East Asia and India Nohrinyl Verzosa, regional head of HR for APJC at Tata Communications

On the topic of Healthcare and Wellness Culture, we have: Namrata Kohli, human resources leader for South Asia, Middle East & Africa at Lloyd’s Register Lucy Tan, chief human resources officer, NatSteel

Lastly, for the topic of Integrated Healthcare and Wellness Strategy, we have: Dennis Ng Kwang Hong, head of strategy and transformation (for enterprise solutions) at Prudential Carlo Felicia, head of rewards for Greater China, ASEAN Pacific, and Japan at Philips

Our first speaker has had many years of experience in the areas of benefits consulting and HR with large MNCs serving a diverse clientele - Eudora Choo, vice-president of benefits and governance for APAC at Deutsche Bank. Currently, as the vice-president for benefits governance at Deutsche Bank, she is responsible for driving the wide array of benefit programmes the bank has for its 18,000 employees in the region.

For her presentation, she is tapping on her experience to identify the reasons for lack of employee participation in health and wellness programmes, as well as how to motivate employees through education, communication, rewards and incentives.


Inaugurating the conference is Jerene Ang, senior journalist, Human Resources. She says: "The phrase ‘health is wealth’ was conceived for a reason. It makes sense for organisations to invest in their employees’ health and wellbeing since healthy employees tend to be more productive - wouldn’t you agree?"