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  2. Bookmark this! There are five long weekends to look forward to next year, thanks to national holidays, and a few more if you count the state-specific public holidays. 

  3. An interest takeaway from the report was how the duration of the pandemic is intensifying mental health issues, with second and subsequent waves of the virus taking a significant toll.

  4. This will apply to companies registered with MDEC, i.e. those with MSC/ICT status, and will relate to employment passes as well as professional visit passes.

  5. Employees at the tech firm who become adoptive parents can use the paid time-off to prepare a child-friendly environment and build a relationship with their new family member.

  6. With infection risks very much front of mind in 2020 – for obvious reasons – the research found that dentists are at a higher risk of infection than any other profession.

  7. Following weeks of layoff rumours, Cathay Pacific confirmed yesterday that it is cutting 8,500 job posts and axing 5,900 employees globally in the coming weeks. 

  8. As a committed corporate citizen, Sino’s vision includes embracing green living and wellness, community engagement and seeking innovation – while respecting heritage and culture.

  9. Sectors expected to drive the Q4 job market include public administration followed by transportation & utilities as well as finance, insurance, and real estate. The mining & construction sector indicates neutral growth in this quarter.

  10. Yolice Wu, chief people officer underscored the success of Zung Fu’s CSR strategy and One JIM campaign on people and senior leadership involvement.