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  2. Medtronic has bagged the coveted prize for Employee Experience Champion of the Year, while Ruangroj Poonpol, of KASIKORN Business-Technology Group was named the Most Inspiring Leader.

  3. Sachin Tipnis, Senior Executive Director of The University of Hong Kong, HKU Business School, shares insights about the school’s MBA career services team and the upcoming HR Leaders Forum, a conference that aims to facilitate knowledge sharing between corporate and recruiting partners, opening the dialogue to better understand new HR trends. 

  4. According to the study, only 47% of individual contributors and 54% of middle management surveyed felt that their HR teams are supportive of them.

  5. A majority (88%) of the 2,363 surveyed Hongkongers say they are stressed, which is slightly lower than Taiwan (95%), Korea (95%), Thailand (92%).

  6.  Having a very good reputation, remote work options, and giving back to society were ranked last. 

  7. This roundup covers funding rounds from SalaryBox and Panther Global, Manforce Group’s upliftment programme for Malaysian youth, and more.

  8. Cape Town, South Africa ranked #1 where employees were more anxiety-prone, followed by Athens, Greece.

  9. Research also revealed a preference for previous board experience and diverse areas of expertise as boards take on a more front-line role in shaping, supporting and pushing their organisation’s purpose and growth. 

  10. Project AsiaForward aims to cultivate a million-strong digital talent pool, empower 100,000 developers, and power the growth of 100,000 technology startups in APAC over the next three years.