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  2. 打工仔來年可望在農曆年和聖誕節放一個長假。

  3. Office goers can look forward to an extended CNY holiday and a long Christmas in the coming year.

  4. This comes in the face of ongoing talent challenges, whereby executives globally indicated widespread concerns about shortages of critical skills in the market and the high churn rate among employees.

  5. The nine recommendations, proposed by SBF, fall under a three-pronged approach: talent, teamwork, and rules. In one recommendation, ideas were proposed for businesses to enhance the value proposition of such jobs in order to become a top choice for locals.

  6. The new premises is expected to house an innovation and incubation hub, as well as be fitted with best-in-class technology, sustainable features, and other innovation facilities.

  7. "Please acknowledge more of me, my productivity, and my work ethics, instead of just pushing me to do more," said one employee cited in a new report. 

  8. For comparison, the last quarter of 2021 noted 16.14mn persons.

  9. The P&G ReLaunch Programme is about supporting talented professionals who took a break from the workforce, and are looking to restart their careers in STEM roles. It will be first launched in India, Egypt, Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines.

  10. While women are proving their mettle in leading organisations, there is still room to close the gender gap in the workplace. Experts from TAFEP share three practices leaders can adopt in doing so.