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  2. Back-to-back public holidays in store in February for Chinese New Year, and in May for Hari Raya Puasa. Meanwhile, National Day/Merdeka Day falls on a Wednesday, and Malaysia Day falls on a Friday.

  3. The Human Resources Online team wishes you all a happy and wonderful Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival.

  4. In its fourth edition, DBS Hack2Hire aims to fill positions across 14 developer and engineering roles as the bank scales up its use of artificial intelligence  / machine learning and blockchain technologies. 

  5. Graduates from the 2020 cohort fared better than those from the 2019 cohort - with 95% employed over the 2020 survey period compared to 90.7% overall employment figure in the previous year.

  6. It’s a choice to make: are you prioritising business-centered leadership in which the business is first and people are second or emphasising human-centered leadership that prioritises your people?

  7. With about 4.4mn YouTube users in the nation, Singaporeans spend an average of two hours on the app daily.

  8. "When our employees have the necessary support for professional growth, they are not only able to further their careers, but they also become the driving force in keeping the organisation relevant, innovative, and competitive," Christine Koh, Head of HR, Cigna Singapore, says.

  9. Resident employment increased across sectors like information & communications, health & social services, and professional services, but declined in food & beverage services, as well as entertainment & recreation.

  10. A series of five case studies on how employers in Hong Kong are unleashing strategies to both excite and motivate their employees in the post-pandemic era.