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  2. Virtual international assignments are likely to continue, in line with continued border restrictions in many locations. At the same time, rates of salary increases are expected to rebound  in the year ahead.

  3.  While about half of the respondents in Asia (49%) stated that being openly LGBT would be neither a hindrance nor an advantage to one's career prospects, 40% say it would hold them back. 

  4. A deserved winner at the 2020 HR Distinction Awards, Melco is going the extra mile to ensure that it's entire workforce is respected and given the opportunities they deserve. 

  5. The first move is expected to take place in April this year with around 900 workers in Hong Kong affected by the update. While the exact number of job cuts has not been decided, some employees will be offered relocation opportunities. 

  6. The strategy was simple - to measure success in terms of baseline numbers, that is, improvement in customer satisfaction and market share, and indeed, this laser-like focus has paid off.

  7. Looking forward, traditional HR functions and roles will have the hardest time finding their footing and have the longest recovery times, forecasting from six months to a year. 

  8. Before embarking on a new initiative, Certis employs human-centred design thinking methods to uncover and understand the different stakeholder perspectives, says Tan Toi Chia, SVP Head, Group HR, Corporate Planning, Communications & Marketing, Certis. 

  9. To keep attuned to the mental health of the workforce, the HR team at Lynk conducted a one-to-one check-in with every employee on a monthly basis enquiring about their physical health and well being.

  10. Across the six SEA countries, Indonesians were the most satisfied, while Singaporeans were the least satisfied with working in the top e-commerce companies. Malaysians came in somewhere in the middle.