With the rise of super jobs created by job redesign, and competency-based leadership, HR has evolved to fit the future of work as the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report rightfully points out.

At this juncture, the HR roadmap in Indonesia is aligned to the nationwide effort to re-evaluate the function in order to improve bottom-line business productivity. Hence this growing need to strategise HR presents the perfect opportunity for all HR teams to participate in the inaugural HR Excellence Awards, Indonesia and showcase the efforts undertaken.

Human Resources Online’s Priya Veeriah digs deeper with industry expert, Swasono Satyo, CHRO of Sinarmas Mining for his perspective on the above.

Q What are your thoughts about the Indonesia’s HR function?

Nowadays, HR is expected to take a bigger role to assist and work together with organisational leaders as a business partner. Hence understanding business acumen for HR practitioners is essential in order to accelerate the fulfillment of business needs in terms of people matters. Especially in the era of the Industry 4.0 in Indonesia, we believe that HR even plays greater roles and is capable to positively impact the business.

Together with business leaders, HR sets the organisation's engine towards grooming the people from within through development plans and looking for best talents in the market.

Q What do think the HR community can expect to gain from the HR Excellence Awards?

The HR Excellence Awards will provide insightful experience and exposure for the HR community. This is a good learning opportunity for all to hear about the best HR practices, innovations, including challenges and how to survive while aiming for continuous improvement.

Q Why should HR teams participate in our HR Excellence Awards?

As a HR practitioner, we need to always keep ourselves updated with HR practices applied in the market. Through participating in the HR Excellence Awards, it would give us new ideas and breakthrough to bring the benchmark contributions and learn.

Q What is your role, contribution and excitement level for the HR Excellence Awards?

Sinarmas Mining is projected to be a promoter across the Sinarmas Group which aims to oversee HR practices and business transformation in the digital era. Going forward, we need an excellent change management and technology transformation in next 5-10 years. Thus, we are definitely very excited to join HR Excellence Awards! :)

If you are looking to give your team all due credit, download the entry guidelines to assess the categories and prepare your entry form.

Our Project Managers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are happy to assist you in your submission process.

See you on 21 November in Jakarta!

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