Compensation & benefits

Wages to bear the brunt of COVID-19’s impact on Singapore’s labour market: MAS 29 April 2020
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2020香港退休計劃調查反映最新強積金趨勢 27 April 2020
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8,000 workers in Thailand receive first COVID-19 aid payment 21 April 2020
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戶戶送引入「戶戶學院」 培訓送餐專員及其家屬 20 April 2020
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Managing payroll through the COVID-19 crisis 15 April 2020
Carsome sets up US$50,000 COVID-19 support fund for Southeast Asia employees 14 April 2020
Citi Singapore gives more than 1,600 employees S$1,200 to ease burden of COVID-19 09 April 2020
The key considerations when conceptualising employee benefits strategy 08 April 2020
Maybank to give S$1,400 to Malaysian employees living in Singapore due to MCO 02 April 2020
Companies in Singapore reduce recruitment, increase training in response to COVID-19 02 April 2020
Singapore’s NWC Guidelines 2020/2021: Key recommendations for HR to note 31 March 2020