An opportunity to get a promotion is the main reason why senior professionals in Singapore want to relocate.

That was the key finding of a new survey by Ipsos, which polled more than 4,500 mid to senior level managers and professionals working in Greater China and Singapore.

While a job promotion was the top reason to relocate across all markets, industries and age groups, getting international exposure was the second motivation to move for professionals in Singapore.

A better quality of life and an opportunity to live closer to their partners, husbands or wives followed respectively.

"The search for better quality of life is actually disconnected from family life as illustrated by the fact that single professionals are particularly looking for this relocation benefit," JB Aloy, senior vice president at Ipsos, said.

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Singapore was also found to be the second most (48%) preferred destination for senior professionals to relocate to, beaten only by North America (50%).

Europe and Shanghai were found to be on par at 45%, followed by Hong Kong at 41% and Australia/New Zealand at 37%.

"Singapore is equally attractive across age groups - which is a unique asset. The city-state is perceived as a dynamic business hub, a family-friendly and a high quality of life destination," Aloy said.

Hong Kong remained a destination of choice for financial industry and professional service managers.

Compared with 2012 data, intent to relocate was highlighted to be stable with 45% willing to consider a move in China and Singapore. Intentions remained lowest in Hong Kong and highest in Taiwan where 62% of respondents said they would actively try to move to another city, region or country.

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