Leo Burnett Group Malaysia was recently recognised for its contribution in developing talent and coaching students to be market ready. It extends this engagement well into having a creative and vibrant workspace, to help attract and coexist with young talent.

Maureen Gomez, head of people and culture at Leo Burnett Malaysia, building such engagement between Millennials and the organisation helps the agency to coexist. "It leads to greater productivity as each new team member eases into their respective roles seamlessly. We hope that our creative and vibrant workspace, continues to excite and entice young talent."

As part of the advertising industry, it goes without saying that creativity is paramount. Guided by the firm's humankind philosophy of people, purpose, participation, populism, complimentary daily breakfast and leisure amenities are provided for employees to relax, engage, and work freely whilst meeting client demands.



One such example is its Social Media War room. It is the one-stop command centre for all community engagements, crisis management, media and stories monitoring, and developing and maintaining clients' brand communications on digital platform.

Social Media War room


In addition, it also has the User Acceptance Test Room (UAT) where the digital arm of Leo Burnett uses this space as a test room for all their new products, web and mobile application developments.

UAT room


Last but not least is the Amphitheater, deemed as the team's little in-house ‘cinema’. Similar to a cinema, this room showcases new advertisements to staff and clients. It is also a space for employee training and movie screening during get-togethers.



As for staff’s favourite, there’s no beating the bistro and sofa lounge. All through mornings, the bistro acts as the breakfast corner and by noon, it becomes a space for group discussions, brainstorming sessions or just a reading space for some.



On the other hand, the sofa lounge is where staff get to sit back, relax, or even a nap if they are midnight oil burners. Normally, this space is quiet during the day and gets noisy by night.

lounge copy


When asked about the office that Millennials would want, the team at Leo Burnett Malaysia believes that the “playing around with colours and designs helps with creating a more vibrant and interesting albeit cool look and that continues to spark light bulb moments”.

In the same vein, Gomez affirms that for such creative workspaces, it is necessary to get rid of information silos. "Millennials want management styles and a corporate culture that is markedly different from others, one that meets their needs."

 Photo / Leo Burnett Group Malaysia