Do your part to help boost the future number of female leaders by encouraging your male employees to go home early tonight and help with the household chores.

A new report by the University of British Columbia found parents who split chores at home tend to raise more aspirational children.

The survey also found fathers' approach to household chores was a reliable predictor of their daughters' professional ambitions and aspirations.

“Despite our best efforts to create workplace equality, women remain severely under-represented in leadership and management positions,” the report's lead author Alyssa Croft, a PhD Candidate in the University of British Columbia’s Dept. of Psychology, said in a media release.

“This study is important because it suggests that achieving gender equality at home may be one way to inspire young women to set their sights on careers from which they have traditionally been excluded.”

The report, which surveyed 326 children aged 7-13, found fathers who outwardly support gender equality but do not have an equal division of labour at home were more likely to produce daughters who chose traditionally female-dominant jobs such as nurses, teachers, librarians or stay-at-home-mums.

“‘Talking the talk’ about equality is important, but our findings suggest that it is crucial that dads ‘walk the walk’ as well – because their daughters clearly are watching,” Croft said.

To find out more about the report, watch the interview with Croft below:

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