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Here are some tools that let you plan, implement, and track employee-related processes better as compiled by the team at iSpring Solutions.

HR teams tend to bury themselves in paperwork and address a variety of tasks. Sometimes they have to manage employee onboarding, training, administration, documentation, as well as other processes. If your business is growing, and you’re thinking about making some of the HR processes simpler, HR tools can come to your aid.

HR tools, otherwise known as HR management tools or HR automation tools, are the software that bear the burden of tedious tasks and let you plan, implement, and track employee-related processes better. This article will help you explore the five best HR tools and pick the one for your needs.

1. iSpring

The best HR tool for employee training and development.

iSpring software enables HR professionals to grow well-trained employees and build a strong learning culture in a company. It helps save effort on organising training events by moving training online in record time.

With the iSpring Suite authoring tool, HR specialists can turn existing slides, memos, guides, and other training materials into engaging online courses with knowledge checks and interactivities. To let employees access these courses anytime and anywhere, you can upload them to a corporate learning management system like iSpring Learn.

In iSpring Learn, you can upload courses, create comprehensive training programmes, enroll learners, and track their progress in detail. It can serve as a great HR automation tool and help you organise and monitor onboarding, compliance, and any other type of training without extra grunt work.

Once set up, iSpring Learn automates enrollments, assignments, appraisals, and reporting. Also, iSpring Learn provides a convenient way to gauge team morale with a 360-Degree Feedback module.  


2. Zoho People

The best HR tool for smart employee management.

Zoho People is an HR management solution from the Zoho family of software products. This HR tool is designed for small and medium businesses specifically but is fully able to cover enterprise-level HR processes.

Zoho People takes care of managing employee data, timesheets, performance records, leaves, and other admin tasks. The tool facilitates a more flexible and well-arranged HR workflow that allows you to keep track of tasks and e-signs, and not miss anything important.

One of the advantages of Zoho People is that it has a self-service feature. It enables you to set any needed permissions so employees can access their payroll information, request and verify sick leaves, and ask for a vacation in their personal profiles. This will help you centralise such vital processes in one place and save a great deal of time.

zoho people

3. Empuls

The best HR tool to create a culture of employee recognition.

Empuls is an employee recognition platform. It helps HR professionals set up a great workplace culture. By means of recognition and reward options and integrated communications, Empuls engages employees and shows that their work matters and their efforts are appreciated. 

The platform serves as a social intranet and enables HR professionals to bring everyone together, encourage participation in activities, and gain direct feedback. The Empuls reward system is especially noteworthy: it provides over 21,000 delightful gift card options available in 75 countries – which is perfect for dispersed teams.


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4. BambooHR

The best all-in-one HR tool for data management and reporting.

BambooHR is an HR management system that helps you organise and analyse information on all stages of the employee lifecycle. The software reduces the time and effort spent on keeping your employee’s data secure. With BambooHR, the HR workflow is fluid and all docs stay in order. 

BambooHR combines the features of both a human resources information and applicant tracking system. It enables you to set up effective recruitment and onboarding processes, manage raises and bonuses, track time and attendance, and execute your talent management strategy in a smart manner. Being a powerful system, BambooHR is intuitive and can be launched quickly, which suits the needs of growing companies.


5. Confetti

The best HR tool for team building.

Confetti is a platform that enables HR teams to create cool team building experiences, no matter where they are. Planning activities and supporting company culture can be challenging for distributed teams, and Confetti does all the heavy lifting and saves you time.

The platform holds virtual and hybrid training experiences with professional hosts and full support on the way. These customisable game-based events, tours, and classes for employees are available online from all corners of the planet. If you look for shippable experiences, Confetti offers special kits and features a wide range of interactive workshops available in the US. 

We hope that these cherry-picked HR tools will lighten your workload, help you build a strong, tightly knit team, and drive your business forward.


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