Find out the secret recipe for a creative and immersive digital learning experience, in this video interview with Drew McGuire, CEO and Co-Owner, Capability Group.

One of the most powerful and fulfilling things about being in HR (and L&D) is the ‘ripple effect’ – in that the learning opportunities you’re providing aren’t only helping those individuals, but also transforming teams, organisational performance, and the community at large. Wouldn’t you agree? 

The positive impacts of this ripple effect can be significant and inspiring. And it’s no wonder that Drew McGuire, CEO and Co-Owner, Capability Group is such a strong advocate of it.

Capability Group is an organisational development consultancy with offices in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Drew and his team have been working hard to develop leading-edge blended learning solutions with a specific focus on learning tech & digital content.

Drew finds himself drawn to the intersection of design, leadership development, change management and driving mindset shift and behaviour change – which benefits us as he’s our interviewee for this edition of HRO Hotspot.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this video interview: 

  • The secret recipe for a creative and immersive digital learning experience: “The keyword is experience. The secret lies in designing every aspect of the end-to-end learner experience.”
  • Tips and tricks to driving behaviour change and mindset shift at scale: “The starting point is having a deep understanding of the day-to-day experience of your employees; what a day in their life looks like.”
  • Why ‘the ripple effect’ should be an important consideration for L&D heads: “Simply put, it's good business to be an organisation with a purpose.”

Check out the video here:

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