These milestones include the addition of three new employee resource groups, and greater support for disability inclusion, among other milestones.

Global technology giant, Lenovo, recently achieved its three-year representation goals for gender and race/ethnicity diversity, which the firm has detailed in its latest Diversity and Inclusion Report.

These milestones include the addition of three new employee resource groups, greater support for disability inclusion, and more, highlighted below.

Representing gender equality globally 

The representation of women within the overall Lenovo workforce remained consistent from 2019 at, at 36%. At the same time, representation of women within executive roles worldwide grew from 18.5% to 21%.

Further, since the company's three-year goal of 20% women representation was announced in 2018, the representation of global female executives has grown 3%.

Disability inclusion 

In this arm, Lenovo had recently enacted several programmes to deliver greater value products and solutions for a diverse world and inclusive experience for their employees. These include:

  • Developing new accessibility guidelines
  • Launching “ABLE”, the employee resource group for those living with or caring for people with disabilities
  • Signing on to the Valuable 500 commitment.

The report noted: "These commitments have helped reinforce and magnify Lenovo’s focus on creating technology and an innovative culture that is inclusive and accessible to everyone."

Inclusive design 

In 2020, Lenovo began developing its Product Diversity Office (PDO) as the authority on embedding D&I into their product design and development process. The PDO's 'Diversity by Design' process ensures diverse teams are represented in both the product planning and execution phases.

The PDO consultants have diverse users validate designs and provide feedback from engaging employees through partnerships with employee resource groups and diversity partners, including Lenovo's accessibility and inclusion advisor, Haben Girma.

Currently, in its incubation stage, the PDO is exploring concepts of design review, audit, incident management, and innovation programmes through 2021.

Lenovo Voice is one of the first products to complete the PDO process and had recently entered the market as a 'diversity approved' solution. 

Supplier diversity 

In the US, Lenovo has partnered with a variety of national and regional organisations such as the National Minority Supplier Development Council, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and other local Chambers of Commerce.

The firm also participates in national, regional, and local events aimed at promoting and creating opportunities for diverse suppliers.

"The success of the organisation and society depends on enabling diverse business enterprises to share in economic growth. It helps in creating inclusive employment opportunities, which enables sustainable economic growth and produces leaders within the communities."

Photo / Lenovo's Diversity and Inclusion Report

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