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This number has "almost met the industry's demand for foreign worker employment", which currently stands at about 1.8mn - the "highest number ever received," the Human Resources Ministry noted.

As shared by Malaysia's Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), there are currently 1.3mn foreign workers in sectors that are allowed to hire and employ foreign workers. At the same time, more than 612,000 foreign workers have registered and passed the Safety and Health Inspection (SHE) checks in their home countries.

Additionally, 228,321 foreign workers (37.3% of the overall number) have been approved for Visas With Reference by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, and are waiting for arrival.

According to the ministry, the demand for foreign worker employment has hit about 1.8mn – the highest number ever received, it noted. In that vein, as of 26 September 2022, the ministry has approved a total of 541,315 quotas for the recruitment of foreign workers. Of that number, 436,613 quotas have made levy payments. Taking into account the 1.3mn foreign workers in Malaysia, and the 531,315 quotas that have been approved, MOHR highlighted that this number has "almost met the industry's demand for foreign worker employment".

Apart from the above, it was shared that upon discussions on the issue of foreign worker entry within the industries, leaders such as those in the plantation sector will not be bringing in foreign workers all at once. Instead, the recruitment will be carried out in stages according to the needs and plans of the employer.

Employers have a period of up to 18 months to bring in foreign workers after the levy payment is settled, MOHR affirmed.


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