Up until October 2016, AirAsia’s RedFort was situated at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Now forth, with a new venue and a new name, AirAsia embarks on a new journey as RedQ, located at Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur, KLIA2.

Housing about 2,000 employees, the six-storey building is divided equally between parking space and office space, with a total of 44 departments. Some of the facilities enjoyed by AirAsia employees, also affectionately known as Allstars, include in-house hair salon, salad bar, surau… and the list goes on.

AirAsia Red Q Office


In a statement to Human Resources' Natasha Ganesan, AirAsia has explained: “The building was designed with Allstars in mind, prioritising cool spaces for Allstars to meet, mingle and get their creative juices flowing.”

Sporting a colourful scheme to inspire employees, the office space spanning 18,000 square metres offers an open concept, with an atrium right in the centre of the building decorated with eye-catching beanbags and chairs. The creativity continues with themed meeting rooms inspired by destinations from the airline’s wide network, namely Manila, Sydney and Tokyo.

AirAsia Red Q Office

AirAsia Red Q Office

AirAsia Red Q Office Meeting rooms depicting Manila, Tokyo and Sydney respectively. 


In an exclusive conversation with Human Resources, AirAsia reveals why RedQ ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating the perfect work environment for employees.

How does creating an innovative and interactive workplace help with the company culture?

Having an innovative and interactive workplace will foster a positive atmosphere for employees to create a fulfilling team of like-minded individuals. A workplace environment is also important in creating a rewarding working experience.

Thus, RedQ is a corporate office designed with its Allstars in mind and it is the workplace that reflects the identity of the company.

Millennium Falcon Room

Does having an engaging office help improve productivity, and why?

Yes, productivity does improve. As the office is a place where employees spend long hours at, work spaces heavily influence employees’ productivity and motivation. The ambience in RedQ enables Allstars to work in a comfortable and fun workplace, that cultivates impartiality.

What would you say are the top 3 most important elements of a successful office?

Employee Recognition

Our Allstars are the driving force for where AirAsia is today and RedQ is a place which they call home. With its creative and appealing space, RedQ is built with the intention to engage Allstars. The headquarters name ‘RedQ’ was also named by a cabin crew!

Jim Ratteree meeting room


Open Communication

RedQ practices an open concept, both internally and aesthetically, that does not conform to the prevailing notion of formality like most offices. We have an environment that encourages open communication for everyone, where leaders share ideas and employees are free to voice their suggestions.

AirAsia Red Q Office


Prioritising fun

Fun is always in the DNA of AirAsia. RedQ is full of fun elements, such as the colourful bean bags and astroturf at the atrium where Allstars can kick up their heels, mingle, meet and communicate with one another. A break for fun during the office hours can lift spirits, stimulate creativity and boost success.

AirAsia Red Q Office

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