Where does one of the world's leading soft drinks manufacturer house its staff in Malaysia? Let's take a look at the commercial office of Coca-Cola Bottlers Malaysia, home to the commercial and support teams at Kuala Lumpur.

In Malaysia, through Bottling Investments Group, the Coca-Cola system manufactures, markets and distributes over 20 products including sparkling beverages (such as Fanta and Sprite), zero-calorie sparkling beverages (Coke light, Coke zero), juice drinks (Minute Maid Pulpy), teas (Heaven and Earth), isotonics (Aquarius) and water (Dasani).

Since 2010, the company has invested more than RM750 million in Malaysia creating more than 800 jobs and touching over 60,000 customers.



What binds together this team is the company culture, which Gaurav Sharma, HR director for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Bottling Investments Group, defines as: "We act like owners, with a hands-on entrepreneurial spirit, and we want to win and have fun together by combining working hard and having fun in order to have balance."

The workspace highlights these elements of Coca-Cola's culture by having lots of open space where employees can continuously engage with one another and spaces to get together "to share our winning ways and have fun together as a team", he adds.



Sharma explains that senior leaders regularly work out of hot desks in the office, breaking through traditional corporate hierarchy and reinforcing the 'open-door' culture. "Our office has lots of fun and attractively designed breakout spaces where the team can go to take a call or huddle together for a quick discussion."

Apart from the spaces to collaborate, he highlight another one of the perks of working here: "All employees get to consume free Coca-Cola products at the workplace to their hearts content, which includes all existing and new products brought into our markets."



With all of this thought behind organising the office space, Sharma's take is that the productivity discussion is no longer about the 'quantity of time' an employee spends within the office but about 'quality of work' an employee accomplishes within the time they spend.

"To achieve quality work, we need to ensure that our work space provides lots of options for our employees to collaborate, discuss, ideate as a team and continue enjoying our winning ways," he reiterates.



He leaves us with practical advice for organisations looking to redecorate their offices: "Office space should reflect a culture an organisation is trying to establish, for example, if you want an open culture, you need to be prepared to have senior leaders use hot desks.

"If you want to focus on teamwork or collaboration, then you need lots of meeting rooms where the teams can come together. If you want to focus on customer satisfaction, then you need space where your employees can visualise the customer's picture of success."

More photos from Coca-Cola's office in Malaysia:

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