In the six months following their graduation in 2017/18, one in two private education institution(PEI) graduates (48.2%) found full-time permanent employment - up from 47.4% in 2016/17.

In contrast, the full-time permanent employment rate of graduates from autonomous universities was 81.2%, as seen in the 2018 Joint Graduate Employment Survey (JAUGES) released in February. At the same time, the median gross monthly salary of PEI fresh graduates was S$2,650 (2017: S$2,550), compared to the S$3,500 earned by fresh graduates from autonomous universities.

This was revealed by the latest PEI Graduate Employment Survey (GES) 2017/18 released by the Committee for Private Education yesterday (10 April), which focused on the employment outcomes of about 2,800 economically active fresh graduates.

Note: As defined in a press release, 'economically active graduates' are those who are working, or not working but actively looking and available for a job.

On the other hand, the survey also revealed a part-time/temporary employment rate of 26.8% in 2017/18, a dip from 27.9% previously observed in 2016/17. Of the 26.8%, 16.1% involved voluntary part-time/temporary employment while 10.7% was involuntary.

In terms of unemployment, there was also a slight drop in the rate - from 21% in 2016/17 to 19.3% in 2017/18. Out of this, 2.8% of respondents were unemployed but starting work soon while 16.5% were unemployed and still looking for a job.

When it comes to freelancing, there has been an increase in the proportion of fresh graduates in freelance (5.7% in 2017/18 vs 3.7% in 2016/17), a testament to the rise of the gig economy.

View the infographic with the highlights of the survey below:



About the survey

The survey involved graduates who had completed their full-time external degree programmes in 27 PEIs between May 2017 and April 2018. There was a total response rate of 39.5%, out of 10,176 full-time graduates from these PEIs.

The PEIs participating in the survey were:

  • Air Transport Training College
  • Amity Global Institute
  • Auston Institute of Management
  • Curtin Education Centre
  • Dimensions International College
  • East Asia Institute of Management
  • ERC Institute
  • First Media Design School
  • FTMSGlobal Academy
  • Informatics Academy
  • ITC School of Laws
  • James Cook University
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore
  • Nanyang Institute of Management
  • Ngee Ann Academy
  • Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health
  • PSB Academy
  • Raffles College of Higher Education
  • S P Jain School of Global Management
  • SAA Global Education Centre
  • SDH Institute
  • Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Singapore Raffles Music College
  • TEG International College
  • TMC Academy

Lead photo / iStock Infographic / Committee for Private Education and Skillsfuture Singapore