Singapore's Public Service Division (PSD) has announced it will take the lead on future plans to extend re-employment to workers past the age of 65 from next year.

Following reports that incentives will be provided to companies who offer re-employment, PSD said it will formalise these arrangements from 1 January 2015 for all eligible officers.

The policy will immediately benefit some 800 public officers turning 65 next year.

Currently, public officers are re-employed up to age 65 when they reach the statutory retirement age of 62.

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The decision to extend the re-employment age by two years was taken in consultation with the ministries, statutory boards and public sector unions, according to the Public Service Division.

“Re-employment allows the public service to continue tapping on our seniors’ wealth of knowledge and experience. It also allows our older colleagues to remain meaningfully engaged,” James Wong, deputy secretary (policy), Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, said.

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