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The system is not designed to make it more difficult for businesses to hire EP holders, Manpower Minister Dr Tan See Leng and Senior Minister of State Koh Poh Koon have affirmed.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower on Wednesday, 23 March 2022, addressed concerns by employers regarding the new Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), which was introduced earlier this month on 4 March. In particular, these concerns centred around how it will affect companies’ ability to bring in quality EP holders.

Addressing the feedback and concerns in a session with over 500 Singapore National Employers Federation representatives, Minister for Manpower Dr Tan See Leng and Senior Minister of State for Manpower Koh Poh Koon assured that the new COMPASS system is not designed to make it more difficult for businesses to hire EP holders. Instead, the system will allow firms to better select complementary EP holders, while recognising firms for their efforts to build up their local workforce and diversify their foreign workforce.

As a whole, COMPASS evaluates EP applications based on a holistic set of individual and firm-related attributes. Applications are scored on four foundational criteria, and applicants will earn points if they meet or even exceed expectations. Additionally, applicants can earn additional points on bonus criteria, if they meet the relevant qualifying conditions.

For a full comprehensive guide to the COMPASS system which will take effect from 1 September 2023, read more here.

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Apart from the above, Dr Tan also spoke about how the Government will provide support for employers and workers who continue to feel the impact of COVID-19. As shared in the session, participants welcomed the extension of the Jobs Growth Incentives and the permanent SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme for mature workers.

Per Dr Tan's Facebook post following the session, MOM’s support measures will provide up to S$6.8bn in total to businesses in FY2022.

He concluded: "Overall, MOM has timed our moves to restructure our workforce, and move towards a more equitable society, carefully to moderate the cost and manpower impact on businesses. But there will always be more work to be done. We will continue to engage our tripartite partners, and put in the hard work to support our workers and businesses."

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