TDCX, Employer of the  Year, HR Excellence Awards

TDCX was founded in 1995 to provide outsourcing services to diverse industries, and has since become synonymous with transformative digital customer experience.

At the 10th annual edition of HR Excellence Awards, Singapore in 2022, TDCX (SG) won the gold award for Employer of the Year.

In view of this achievement, we catch up with Pauline Chng, Assistant Director, Human Relations, TDCX (SG) (pictured above, seated, third from left) on TDXC’s human-centric approach to attracting, retaining, and inspiring the workforce.

Q Congratulations on the achievement! Could you take us through the highs-and-lows of your people strategy?

Our HR strategy is a key enabler in delivering our HR vision, which is to create a preferred workplace through efficient HR practices and solutions. We are driven by a human-centric approach to attracting, retaining, and inspiring our workforce, a key factor that helps us in managing resource constraints and resistance to change, particularly in this changing business landscape. This strategy has proven complementary to our efforts to grow our organisation and to achieve our HR vision.

Our focus, anchored around the wellbeing of our employees, has empowered us to develop innovative solutions that make our work environment more inclusive and supportive.

This is done through proactive sourcing and onboarding initiatives, coupled with a comprehensive learning journey, a workspace that enhances collaboration, and a series of recognition and engagement programmes that successfully garnered high levels of staff commitment. We are proud to achieve substantial results through our highly motivated workforce, who is passionate about supporting to perform to the best of their abilities.

Q How did the HR team identify and align the business & employee needs, and craft out this perfect solution?

Prior to developing our people strategy, we considered the needs of our clients and feedback from our employees, to identify the internal and external factors that would impact our business growth plans. That informed our approach in coming up with an optimal solution. As an example, with the challenges from COVID-19, the team focused on finding the right balance to maintain the quality of our services while ensuring the wellbeing of our employees. The HR team plays a critical role in understanding, bridging and mitigating any people risks. We design optimal solutions to meet both productivity and employee needs.

Q Could you share the results that your strategy has delivered – be it on the business, HR, or people side?

In 2021, our overall staff satisfaction rate maintained at a high 85%, against the typical company average of 53%, according to statistics from the Great Place to Work Institute.

Apart from being certified ‘Great Place to Work in Singapore’ for the second consecutive year, we were also awarded the ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’, ‘Best Outsourced Contact Centre’, ‘Top BPO Company Awardee’ and ‘Excellence in HR Innovation’ amongst the 350 industry awards we have received so far.

Q What is your message to all the stakeholders who have supported you in this journey?

Our achievements cannot be attained without the contribution of those who supported our journey.

We take this opportunity to share our appreciation with our CEO, GCOO, and staff from all levels for being supportive, committed, and cooperative in the initiatives and guidelines rolled out. Also, a shoutout to the HR team to have put in the effort to drive this to success. Likewise, we extend our appreciation to our clients, vendors, and those who placed their trust in TDCX.

Aligned with our vision and mission, we strive to remain the preferred partner for high growth organisations and high performing individuals. We believe we are stronger together and have faith to achieve greater heights in the coming years ahead!

Q What are you most excited about when you think about the future of HR?

We anticipate that the modern workforce will seek more personal growth and flexibility.

This requires new ways of thinking about how we work, hence the need to be agile. Change management will be crucial in helping us prepare for the complexities ahead. As we move forward to enhance our people strategy for a better employee experience, we are excited about identifying more areas where technological innovations can be used for transformational human resource management to help our people realise their career ambitions. We strongly believe that with these covered, we will be able to transition well into the future of work.

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