The May 2017 edition of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge has recently concluded, with participants having burned 12 billion calories over a 100-day period, equivalent to 53 million slices of pizza.

Joined by over 300,000 participants in 185 countries, the initiative seeks to improve physical activity, sleep and mental health of employees. In fact, close to two in three participants (65%) who tracked their weight during the 100-day journey reported weight loss, with the average weight loss pegged at 3.2 kg.

Members took a collective total of 319 billion steps, resulting in 204 million kilometres being travelled – the equivalent of 17,093 trips from Sydney to San Francisco.

Results from the programme highlight the significant impact that workplace wellbeing can have on overcoming common workplace performance challenges such as stress, sleep, and disengagement.

The Global Challenge reported significant impact on these challenges:

  • 68% of members saw a decrease in their stress levels either at home or at work.
  • 67% of members met the recommended amount of sleep vs. 56% before the programme.
  • 62% of members became more aware of their organisation’s commitment to health and wellbeing.

Dr. David Batman, Virgin Pulse’s international occupational health adviser and a member of the Virgin Pulse Institute’s Science Advisory Board commented: “The (report) shows... how, through increased awareness, education and motivation, employees are now mastering long-term, sustainable habits that allow them to arrive at work feeling less stressed, more energised through better sleep resulting in a more engaged workforce which is more productive and equipped for peak performance."

The next Virgin Pulse Global Challenge kicks off on 23 May 2018.

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