As more employers recognise the value of fostering a diverse workforce, 2017 has seen many strides made towards creating more inclusive, fair and safe workplaces for women, religious groups, LGBT individuals, and mature workers.

In this special edition of our HR Bulletin, the team at Human Resources has rounded up the top 10 stories in diversity and inclusion this year:

1. Case study: How 3M is accelerating women in leadership Joan Wong, head of human resources, 3M Singapore, reveals how the firm achieved 60% women in its local leadership team in an industry that is traditionally dominated by men.

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2. Hijab ban for frontline hotel staff in Malaysia: What HR professionals are saying

Following a recent report by Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) prohibiting front-line staff from wearing hijabs or headscarves, Human Resources spoke to several HR professionals to hear their say.

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3. Schneider Electric introduces new Global Family Leave policy

Schneider Electric actively chooses to define “leave” and “family” in an inclusive way, recognising that the definition of family, life and work are changing every day.

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4. Aviva introduces 16 weeks of fully-paid parental leave

Aviva Singapore’s new parental leave policy offers equal paternity and maternity leave for employees regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and marital status.

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5. What YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told her daughter about diversity in tech

“I’ve had my comments frequently interrupted and my ideas ignored until they were rephrased by men. No matter how often this all happened, it still hurt,” the leader admitted.

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6. How period pain affects women in the workplace

Survey findings in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong suggest that period pain impacts women’s physical ability to work, particularly due to weakness on their most painful days.

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7. CIMB extends paid paternity leave from three days to a month

CIMB Bank this year increased paid paternity leave for its male employees who are new fathers, enabling them to spend more time with their firstborn, and share parental responsibilities with their wives.

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8. The sense and nonsense of language requirements

"People may sometimes use language to disguise their fear of diversity," said Debbie Mannas, head of organisation development and talent for Asia at Sun Life.

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9. How CEOs are addressing anxious employees over Trump’s Muslim ban

What top executives from Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix had to say to their employees in light of President Donald Trump’s executive order earlier this year.

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10. Growing old gracefully: Case studies from Maybank and Royal Plaza on Scotts

How progressive organisations such as Maybank and Royal Plaza on Scotts have found ways to leverage diverse workforce demographics.

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