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In general, about one in three respondents expressed concerns towards the easing of COVID-19 measures, with women (33%) more likely to feel so than men (24%).

When asked how they felt about the upcoming relaxation of COVID-19 measures in Singapore, announced on 24 March 2022 (Thursday) and beginning 29 March (Tuesday), about one in three people surveyed (29%) said they were concerned.

Women (33%) were more likely to feel so as compared to men (24%), a YouGov Omnibus survey revealed on Friday (25 March).

Overall, close to one in four residents (38%) expressed happiness towards the relaxation of measures, while about one-third (31%) felt relieved. Looking at men and women — men surveyed were more likely to feel relieved (35%), happy (42%), and excited (30%), in contrast to their women counterparts. 



What are residents in Singapore most looking forward to from 29 March?


Per the survey, most residents are anticipating the resuming of larger-scale social gatherings, with seven in ten (75%) looking forward to the increase in group sizes from five to 10 persons – a cap that has been in place since end-2021. In particular, those above the age of 55 were significantly more likely to say they are looking forward to the increased group sizes, with eight in 10 expressing anticipation (81%).

The removal of the mandatory requirement to wear masks outdoors (63%) and reduction of quarantine rules for travel (51%) were also highlighted, with full-time working adults most looking forward to the increased ease of travel (58%).

Additionally, with 75% of employees who can work from home being able to return to the office from Tuesday, respondents who looked forward to this the most were those aged 45-54 (19%), followed closely by those aged 55 and above (18%); those aged 25-34 (16%), those aged 35-44 (14%), and finally, those aged  18-24 (9%). 

Last, among all demographics, young adults surveyed were especially looking forward to the lifting of restrictions on alcohol and live entertainment, with half of those aged 18-24 anticipating the resumption of live music and screening of live broadcast programmes at F&B establishments (51%), and four in 10 of those aged 25-34 looking forward to consuming alcohol beyond 10.30pm (38%).

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