Collaboration is key if you want to get the best out of your staff.

According to the Q3 Randstad Workmonitor survey, 83% of employees in Singapore believe their organisation should spend more time ensuring employees are prepared and excited to work well together.

This is especially important given that 67% of respondents said they perform better in teams, rather than individually.

More than 90% also said staff collaboration will become increasingly important with the advancement of technology and the rise of remote working.

“Employees in Singapore no longer only work with colleagues who are physically located in the office,” Michael Smith, country director of Randstad Singapore, said. “In fact, our survey results show that 70% of employees now spend more time collaborating with colleagues than they did five years ago.

“This growth in collaboration and the need for greater connectivity means employers should ensure their employees are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to allow them to collaborate effectively – especially if they are working in different time zones."

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The results also revealed that 36% of employees are not provided with relevant tools and training to work effectively in diverse teams.

In fact, over in Malaysia, 82% of employees have called for organisations to spend more time promoting collaboration, with 79% stating they are collaborating with their colleagues more now than five years ago.

Eight in 10 employees in Malaysia also said they perform better in teams than individually, and that diverse teams tend to outperform those with similar members.

“Effective collaboration is not only about providing the necessary digital tools,” Jasmin Kaur, director of Randstad Malaysia, said.

“To ensure employees perform optimally in teams, each team member needs to understand their respective roles and responsibilities, and engage in open dialogue.”

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