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This comes as 90% of the country's adult population is now fully vaccinated. Cross-state travel will no longer require the police's permission, while MyTravelPass is no longer required for overseas travel. Full updates here.

Effective today (11 October 2021), fully-vaccinated individuals in Malaysia will be allowed cross-state travel and cross-district activities throughout the country, without requiring permission from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM). 

This will not apply to areas or localities under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (PKPD).

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday (10 October), Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said this comes on the advice of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and comes as 90% of the country's adult population is now fully vaccinated. 

With the opening, PM Ismail has reminded individuals "not to be complacent about the flexibility given."

"This is important in helping the country in reopening the economy as well as preparing to live in the endemic phase safely or #ReopeningSafely.

"If this is taken lightly, it is not impossible that the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic will increase again. You are now the front line that will protect families and communities from COVID-19 virus infection."

PM Ismail then went on to say, if individuals wanted to return to their village to meet their parents, or to travel across states, they are advised to do a self-COVID-19 test before embarking on the journey. "For those who have symptoms such as fever, cough, cold and shortness of breath, I advise you to postpone the trip first."

"If you test positive, quarantine yourself or call the nearest COVID-19 Assessment Centre for immediate treatment.

"This permission does not mean that the authorities will be careless. Although there are no more road restrictions (SJR) to control cross-state movement, the SJR for crime and security is still in place. Random inspections will still be carried out by the authorities under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342)."

Apart from the above, PM Ismail also shared that effective today as well (11 October), fully-vaccinated Malaysians will be allowed to travel abroad without apply for MyTravelPass with the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM). However, travellers will still have to undergo mandatory quarantine upon returning home. 

The PM said: "The decision of this repeal is among others to connect family members and separated spouses, Malaysians who go abroad for the purpose of work and those who conduct business."

He added: "Despite all the loopholes that have been announced, the fact is that we have to live with the COVID-19 virus. This situation not only requires the people to continue to comply with the SOPs, but [it is] also important to increase self-assessments in order to protect Malaysian Families.

"Therefore, for those who have not been vaccinated, do so immediately. This is because many of the relaxations that have been announced such as cross-state, domestic, and overseas travel, dine-in, etc. depend on the complete conditions of vaccination."

Per latest data by MOH, he noted, vaccination has successfully reduced the admission rate of COVID-19 patients to the ICU by 83% and the mortality rate due to COVID-19 by 88%.

The PM also stressed the importance of implementing the following measures to strengthen public health actions, known as TRIIS:

  1. TEST: Perform a COVID-19 detection test independently if experiencing symptoms of infection;
  2. REPORT: Report detection test results as soon as possible on MySejahtera;
  3. ISOLATE: Perform quarantine or self-isolation immediately and with full discipline if you test positive, so as to not endanger those around you;
  4. INFORM: Immediately inform your close contacts if you test positive and also report all close contacts via the link in MySejahtera. Inform the nearest CAC if your personal health situation deteriorates while undergoing quarantine at home, and
  5. SEEK:  Seek immediate treatment at nearby medical centres or CACs if you experience severe symptoms.

Photo / PM Ismail Sabri's Facebook

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