PwC emerged as the most popular employers among local graduates, found the latest Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employer survey by GTI Media.

This year, in the eyes of 29,659 respondents from various universities across the country, the accounting and professional services, and consulting rose a place from 2016 to clinch the top spot, knocking Maybank (1st in 2016) down to third place. While EY (Ernst & Young) took the second spot.

PETRONAS, the nation's largest energy/oil and gas/utilities company, and Top Glove Corporation, a chemicals and heavy industries firm, rounded up the top five of the 2017 rankings.

10 most popular employers among graduates

1. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) 2017 rank: 1 2016 rank: 2 Sector: accounting and professional services, consulting

2. EY (Ernst & Young) 2017 rank: 2 2016 rank: 4 Sector: accounting and professional services, consulting

3. Maybank 2017 rank: 3 2016 rank: 1 Sector: banking and financial services

4. PETRONAS 2017 rank: 4 2016 rank: 3 Sector: energy/oil and gas/utilities

5. Top Glove Corporation 2017 rank: 5 2016 rank: 12 Sector: chemicals and heavy industries

6. UEM Group 2017 rank: 6 2016 rank: 83 Sector: plantation/property and construction

7. KPMG 2017 rank: 7 2016 rank: 5 Sector: accounting and professional services, consulting

8. AirAsia 2017 rank: 8 2016 rank: 8 Sector: leisure, travel and hospitality

9. Sime Darby 2017 rank: 9 2016 rank: 6 Sector: energy/oil and gas/utilities, property and construction, automotive

10. Deloitte 2017 rank: 10 2016 rank: 7 Sector: accounting and professional services, consulting

Additionally, the survey revealed that when choosing an employer, the top factors graduates look at are career prospects, training and development, and leadership style.

On the flip side, the least important factors were a high starting salary, status and prestige and an attractive location.

It also revealed that graduates were prepared to work 8.6 hours a day in their first jobs and expected a salary of RM2,712, down from 2016's RM2,827.

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