The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has launched the DataKITA initiative to catalyse a thriving national data ecosystem in Malaysia.

Launched in conjunction with Malaysia Tech Month 2020 (MTM 2020), this initiative will see MDEC collaborate closely with enterprises and stakeholders within the nation’s data economy. This will help businesses jumpstart their data transformation journey through a structured approach - leveraging data literacy, data analytics, governance, data sharing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The DataKITA initiative will raise the availability, accessibility and usability of data in Malaysia’s society and economy via four strategic pillars:

  1. Knowledge: Promote data literacy
  2. Infrastructure: Foster a data-driven environment
  3. Talent: Facilitate the development of data professionals
  4. Action: Accelerate business enterprises to be data-driven and AI-ready

Datuk Wira Dr Hj. Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff, Chairman, MDEC, said: "Malaysia must gear up for a world beyond the new normal. To reach the next evolutionary level of our development, we must take charge of emerging 4IR technologies that will power the digital economy. As Malaysia transforms digitally towards Malaysia 5.0, businesses now must make the most of the ‘new gold’ that is data to better understand markets, increase revenues, gain new segments and raise their efficiency.

"Through DataKITA, we are empowering digitally-skilled Malaysians, enabling digitally-powered businesses and driving investors in digital sectors to join this data-driven population, as we work together to realise our nation’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030.”

Ir. Dr. Karl Ng, Director, Data Ecosystem Development, MDEC, added: "We want organisations to recognise importance of data transformation and to take the first crucial steps to embark on the data journey, such as training, using data for decision making, investing in technology or the cloud and setting up data roles within their organisation."

The ongoing initiative was inaugurated with DataKITA.Pulse virtual event which took place on 21-22 November 2020.

Photo / 123RF