Malaysia's Social Service Organisation (SOCSO) has once again extended its Programme Saringan Prihatin (Prihatin Screening Programme, or PSP), HR Minister M Saravanan has announced.

On Wednesday (21 October), he said the programme's coverage will apply to SOCSO contributors in Sabah, Selangor, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan, and will be effective today, 22 October (Thursday).

From today, employers in these areas will be able to conduct COVID-19 screening for employees for free through a service panel appointed by SOCSO, by making a screening appointment and submitting the completed information to the service panel.

A list of SOCSO Service Panels can be obtained in the Services Panel Directory on SOCSO's panel. The screening process can be done in the clinic / laboratory or carried out in the work premises. Employers should note that only screening done through the service panel will be fully borne by SOCSO.

Apart from the above, employers can opt to use the Prihatin screening subsidy. Through this method, screening costs must be paid by the employer in advance, and they can then submit an application for it through the subsidy portal, along with a payment receipt.

SOCSO will make a subsidy repayment of up to RM150 for each employee who has undergone COVID-19 screening.

Both facilities are limited to run through employers only The expansion of the programme's access is open to foreign and local workers in all sectors / industries. Contributors who have undergone PSP screening before may undergo re-screening in accordance with this latest announcements..

Employers and employees are reminded to adhere to the standard operating procedures that have been set during the COVID-19 screening test, to ensure it runs smoothly and does not expose them to the risk of infection.

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