Further, all inter-state and inter-district travel, without the permission of the Police, will be banned effective 10 May; while all Ramadan and Aidilfitri bazaars in MCO areas will be closed effective the same date.

Kuala Lumpur began its Movement Control Order (MCO 3.0/PKP) on 7 May (Friday), and, in line with this, the National Security Council has released a set of dedicated SOPs to be followed in the Federal Territory during this period. 

Excerpts of these SOPs, including updates on employee-related activities that are allowed, public health protocols, and more, are shared below.


Face-to-face meetings in government and private agencies, involving the presence of representatives of outside the agencies, are not permitted and must be conducted by video conference.

Employee-related activities

  1. All economic and business sectors approved by the relevant Ministries/Agencies can operate during the PKP period. The movement of employees is subject to a registration/operating approval letter, employee pass and the employer's confirmation letter.
  2. Movement for the purpose of official Government affairs must be accompanied by an employer confirmation document.
  3. The attendance capacity of employees in the public service will be based on the relevant Public Service Department (PSD) Circular/Instruction. As for the private sector, it will based on 30% for the management and the number of operating/support employees set by the employer.

Public health protocols

  1. Licensees and premises owners must ensure control of customer entry and exit to the premises, with a physical distance of one metre.
  2. Hand sanitisers must be provided at the entrance, and must be used before entering.
  3. Licensees and premise owners are required to provide QR codes for the MySejahtera facility, and provide a customer attendance registration book.
  4. The use of MySejahtera is mandatory in areas with wide internet access. Exceptions are given for areas that do not have internet access, especially in rural and remote areas.
  5. Licensees and premise owners must ensure that customers check in to the premises using MySejahtera, or manually write the name and phone numbers down if there is no internet coverage.
  6. For shopping complexes/supermarkets/department stores, customers only need to perform a body temperature scan only once at the entrance of the complex and not at each business premise under one complex.
  7. Patrons with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter the complex and premises.
  8. The owners of complexes and premises outside the complex must ensure that only customers with "Low Risk status" in MySejahtera, are allowed to enter their complexes/premises respectively.
  9. Children under the age of 12, as well as seniors in vulnerable groups, are not encouraged to be in public places except for emergency treatment and education purposes.
  10. Licensees and premises owners must limit the number of customers on the premises with a physical distance of one metre at a time.
  11. Each premise should display the total customer entry limit at a time Use of queue number system should be encouraged for customers entering from a premise.
  12. Suppliers, employees and customers are required to wear face masks properly, according to MOH's recommendations, when on the premises
  13. Ensure good ventilation and ventilation system in the premises.
  14. Face masks must be worn at all times in crowded public places, except for activities and places as follows:
    • One's own residence, alone and with household members;
    • Hotel rooms/paid accommodation, alone and involving members of the same household
    • Solitary work spaces;
    • Indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities;
    • One's own vehicles, alone and with household members;
    • Indoor/outdoor public areas and places without other individuals; and
    • While eating and drinking in a public place without any other individuals.

Read the full set of SOPs on MKN's website, or refer here for the general SOPs for the MCO across all affected states

In addition to the above, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced on Saturday (8 May) that the following activities will be prohibited from 10 May onwards (today, Monday), according to the National Security Council's (MKN) Telegram channel.

  • Social, educational and economic activities that may cause gatherings, or public congestion.
  • Formal, social and face-to-face activities by the government and the private sector. 

Similarly, as shared on MKN's Facebook page on the same day, all inter-state and inter-district travel, without the permission of the Police, will be banned effective today (10 May); while all Ramadan and Aidilfitri bazaars in MCO areas will be closed effective the same date.

Lastly, the Ministry of Youth and Sports announced on Friday (7 May) that effective 8 May (Saturday), sports and recreational activities conducted in open areas, without physical contact (e.g. jogging and cycling) will be allowed, in compliance with physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres. These must be conducted within neighbourhoods or limited areas of the same district, subject to the movement control order in effect.

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