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This update, which includes Vietnam and the Philippines amongst others, adds to the existing list of 46 countries/territories, with the same rules to apply.

Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expanded the list of countries/territories where travellers are permitted to enter Thailand without quarantine, to include 17 new countries/territories. 

These are namely:

  • Croatia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kuwait
  • Laos
  • Luxembourg
  • Maldives
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Oman
  • The Philippines
  • Romania
  • Slovak Republic
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan

This update, announced on 31 October 2021 (Sunday) and effective 1 November 2021 (Monday), adds to the existing list of 46 countries/territories, bringing the total count to 63. 

The notification was signed on 30 October 2021 by Thani Thongphakdi, Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Head of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Entry into and Departure from the Kingdom, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad.

According to Thani, this revision of countries and territories permitted to enter Thailand, for individuals under category 13 was undertaken after considering the current spread of COVID-19 globally, in parallel with health and socio-economic parameters.

Note: Category 13 includes individuals who have been granted permission to enter Thailand for the benefit of the economy in conjunction with public health security measures and the Government’s plan to reopen the country.

Per our previous story, visitors are required to comply with the following:

  1. Visitors must have resided in the aforementioned countries/territories for at least 21 consecutive days prior to travel.
  2. Visitors must wait for the RT-PCR test results at a hotel for one night or until a negative result is received.
  3. Visitors must be fully vaccinated for a minimum of 14 days prior to travelling.
  4. Accommodation - One-night reservation at an SHA+ or AQ hotel (payment confirmation is required).
  5. Prior to departing for Thailand, visitors must have an RT-PCR COVID-19 test result issued within 72 hours before travelling.
  6. Visitors must take one RT-PCR COVID-19 test on arrival (as listed above).
  7. Visitors will be responsible for the test fees, which are included in the hotel reservation.

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