Rung Jaismut, SVP, Head of Executive Recruitment, Central Group, talks all about the one thing that gets her going each morning, her inspirational figure outside of work, and more, in this interview with Priya Sunil.

Q What is the one thing that gets you out of bed every morning?

For someone who has been working as an executive search professional for more than 20 years, I believe that one thing is the “drive” to make progress and the impact from connecting the business with people. It has become part of my DNA to be very aware of what’s going on, what needs to be done, and to keep myself up-to-date on the market, first thing in the morning.

Q What’s on today’s task list at the office?

A number of VCs, then a face-to-face interview and team meeting.

Q What can people expect when they receive a meeting invite from you?

An open, direct, and insightful conversation. My style is not to challenge the candidates but to understand where they are coming from and consider things from their point of view.

Q Coffee or tea - which is your go-to drink to power you through the 4pm slump?

Hot mocha from Segafredo, or rose lychee iced tea from Harrod’s Café, Central Embassy.

Q Who is your role model in or outside of work, and why?

It is difficult to identify just one person inside my workplace since I have been a big fan of our leadership team for their vision and dedication to make a difference. Outside of work, I always admire creative people who know exactly what they want and have the persistence to make their vision happen, no matter whether it is a big or small dream.

For today, the one who seems to stay close to my heart since the first time I learned about her journey is Malala Yousafzai. With her courage and powerful action from a very tiny beginning, she is a living testament that anyone can bring about change.

Q It’s the end of the long workday - what’s your favourite way to end it?

 A very small dinner with close friends.

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