Outsourcing of the payroll or HR functions is highlighted as the most successful example of HR technology implementation (81%), in a survey of 120 HR directors across Asia.

Other effective implementation of HR technology was witnessed in HRIS with employee self service (ESS) functionality (76%); and using digital interviews as part of the interview process (75%).

The findings were launched by Links International basis a survey of 120 HR leaders across Asia, around which HR technologies and practices they used, and which ones made their lives easier.

Across Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, China, and Taiwan, the most commonly used HR technologies are:

  1. Digital or video interviews - 60%
  2. HRIS - 53%
  3. Regular measure of employee engagement - 53%
On the flipside, the least commonly used HR technologies across Asia are:
  1. Mobile friendly job application processes - 69%
  2. Predictive HR or workforce analytics - 69%
  3. Flexible leave practices - 68%
  4. Social media for recruitment - 50%
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The researchers also identified current themes and perceptions in HR technology, such as:

  1. Perceptions that HR has a huge amount of data but does not use or leverage it to benefit the business at a strategic level. Also concerns that HR data is inaccurate, e.g. performance ratings are subjective – criteria aren’t normalised. As a result, there is a general perception that HR is the “little brother” of other business functions in terms of influence at the leadership level.
  2. Engagement measurement tools: Analysis of email meta data, for purposes such as analysing relationships, identifying flight risks, activity drops, relationship changes. Automated weekly surveys sent to staff with recommended action points, e.g. OfficeVibe, CultureAmp.
  3. All-in-one HCM solutions: 1st tier HCM vendors, such as Workday, Oracle, SAP / Success Factors all have some level of capability in Asia but relatively expensive and generally require integration with separate Asia HCMs or Asia based payroll provider to process payroll in Asia. While, 2nd tier HCM vendors – Namely, BambooHR, Ultimate are more affordable HCMs, however, do not support Asia based payroll and require integration.
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