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Here’s how CITIC Pacific is fulfilling its HR vision of “building a workforce with professionalism and sustainability through effective partnership with businesses”.

CITIC Pacific is a diversified business platform with operations in special steel, property, energy, health, consumer products distribution and other industries. As the largest non-financial platform of CITIC Group, one of China’s largest conglomerates, CITIC Pacific has over 30 years of history with operations in 13 markets and over 40,000 employees. Distinguished by its foundation in Mainland China and headquarters in the international business hub of Hong Kong, the company invests in and operates a unique portfolio of businesses with global perspective and a pioneering spirit.

CITIC Pacific’s HR vision is: “To build a workforce with professionalism and sustainability through effective partnership with businesses.” To execute this vision, the company has fostered a culture of shared responsibility towards talent development and deployment across the organisation. This commitment has led to the establishment of two development programmes, the Future Business Leader Trainee (FBLT) Programme and the Enterprise Talent Programme (ETP).

Launched in 2020, the FBLT Programme is an extensive five-year initiative that includes three concentrated phases of development: competency and business training, head office (HO) function attachment, and business unit (BU) visits (12 months); middle-management training along with specialised business expertise (30 -36 months); and business leadership across industries (12 months).

It begins with a campus marketing campaign across over 120 universities. After a rigorous selection process, the trainees are supported by a range of in-house and external resources during the familiarisation stage, such as a branding platform that serves as a gamified onboarding website, a psychometric-based competency gap analysis to identify future development needs, and an intensive engagement plan that includes meetings and discussions with the Chairman and the senior leadership team.

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This holistic programme is one of the few in the industry that is truly expansive, offering trainees exposure across a wide range of businesses. The five-year horizon requires commitment on behalf of both the company and the trainees, and is designed to be especially rewarding for high-potential talents who can accelerate their careers into a management role by the fourth year, and into a business consultancy role by the fifth year.

The results to date have been promising and demonstrate the value of the time and resources invested. In addition to the 100% offer acceptance rate from candidates, the FBLT programme pipeline has helped to address workforce planning needs, which is especially critical in today’s competitive talent market. In 2021, LinkedIn presented the company with the ‘Evolving Employer Award’ and its programmes have also been recognised by CITIC Group, capturing interest across the CITIC network.

Following the success of the FBLT programme, CITIC Pacific also launched the ‘Enterprise Talent Programme’, which targets promising internal staff at the beginning of their careers, and serves to balance the external and internal pipeline of young talents.

Two years after inception, these programmes have already positively impacted the organisation, developing new competencies and preparing future leaders – a message reinforced by Zeng Chen, Chairman and President of CITIC Pacific. “The programmes we crafted not only offer mentorship and direct exposure to our many industries, but more importantly cultivate cultural dexterity and effective communication. Our future leaders will have strategic acumen and executive adaptability, ensuring they are well equipped to steer the company forward in an increasingly complex world.”

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