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These test kits, provided to facilitate faster and more convenient testing on employees, will be supplied to employers based on the number of employees who actively contribute to SOCSO.

Malaysia's Ministry of Human Resources (Kementarian Sumber Manusia/MOHR), through the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), will be providing COVID-19 self-test kits to employers who perform COVID-19 screening tests on their employees.

In a statement on Thursday (7 October 2021), Minister of Human Resources M Saravanan said the preparation of these kits, under the COVID-19 Rehabilitation Phase Screening Test Programme, "aims to help employers perform the COVID-19 screening test more easily and quickly."

Previously, SOCSO had supplied Rapid Antigen Test Kit (RTK) screening test kits to employers who carry out the COVID-19 screening process of their employees, starting 6 September 2021. Through this programme, employers are responsible for coordinating the implementation of the screening test with the clinic of their choice, in addition to bearing the cost of services for the screening test.

To date, SOCSO has received 230,000 applications from employers to obtain the test kit.

Accordingly, employers who have not yet made an application can choose the type of test kit they want to implement:

  • Either the Rapid Antigen Test Kit (RTK) which can be used professionally at the clinic, or
  • The COVID-19 self-test kit which can be used by employees themselves.

These test kits will be supplied to employers based on the number of employees who actively contribute to SOCSO.

Minister Saravanan said: "KSM hopes that the implementation of this programme will reduce the burden and provide convenience to employers in fulfilling their responsibilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among workers, thus assisting the Government in its economic recovery efforts."

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