A total of seven Malaysian universities have made it among the top 100 universities in Asia, the latest QS Asia University Rankings 2021 revealed this week (23 November).

Leading the way in the country was Universiti Malaya in ninth place, which has entered the top 10 for the first time, followed by Universiti Putra Malaysia in the 28th spot, and Universiti Sains Malaysia in 34th place; and rounding up the top seven Malaysian universities were Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (35th), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (39th), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (70th), and Taylor's University (89th).

Overall, among the 634 Asia universities ranked this year, the National University of Singapore retained first place for the third consecutive year, while Mainland China's Tsinghua University has climbed up from fourth place to second place for the first time.

Further, a total of 124 universities came from Mainland China, 106 were from India, 98 from Japan, and 85 from South Korea, accounting between themselves for more than 65% of all ranked universities.

Ranking: Top 100 Asia Universities 2021

  1. National University of Singapore (Singapore) 
  2. Tsinghua University (Mainland China)
  3. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Singapore) 
  4. The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR) 
  5. Zhejiang University (Mainland China) 
  6. Fudan University (Mainland China)
  7. Peking University (Mainland China)
  8. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong SAR) 
  9. Universiti Malaya (Malaysia)
  10. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Mainland China) 
  11. Korea University (South Korea) 
  12. KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (South Korea) 
  13. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR) 
  14. Seoul National University (South Korea) 
  15. The University of Tokyo (Japan) 
  16. Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea)
  17. Kyoto University (Japan) 
  18. City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR) 
  19. National Taiwan University (Taiwan) 
  20. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) 
  21. Yonsei University (South Korea) 
  22. Osaka University (Japan) 
  23. Tohoku University (Japan) 
  24. Hanyang University (South Korea) 
  25. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong SAR) 
  26. Pohang University of Science And Technology (South Korea) 
  27. University of Science and Technology of China (Mainland China)
  28. Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia) 
  29. Hokkaido University (Japan) 
  30. Nanjing University (Mainland China)
  31. Kyushu University (Japan) 
  32. Nagoya University (Japan) 
  33. National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) 
  34. Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) 
  35. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia) 
  36. Kyung Hee University (South Korea) 
  37. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India) 
  38. Wuhan University (Mainland China)
  39. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia) 
  40. Waseda University (Japan) 
  41. Sun Yat-sen University (Mainland China)
  42. National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan) 
  43. Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) 
  44. Mahidol University (Thailand)
  45. Keio University (Japan) 
  46. National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) 
  47. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India) 
  48. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology [Taiwan Tech] (Taiwan) 
  49. University of Tsukuba (Japan) 
  50. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India) 
  51. Beijing Normal University (Mainland China)
  52. Xi’an Jiaotong University (Mainland China)
  53. Tongji University (Mainland China)
  54. Ewha Womans University (South Korea) 
  55. Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Mainland China)
  56. Indian Institute of Science (India)
  57. Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia) 
  58. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (India) 
  59. Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia) 
  60. Renmin (People's) University of China (Mainland China)
  61. National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
  62. Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) 
  63. Harbin Institute of Technology (Mainland China)
  64. Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong SAR) 
  65. Chung-Ang University (South Korea) 
  66. Kobe University (Japan) 
  67. National Central University (Taiwan) 
  68. Xiamen University (Mainland China)
  69. University of the Philippines (Philippines)
  70. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia) 
  71. University of Delhi (India)
  72. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India) 
  73. National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) 
  74. Nankai University (Mainland China)
  75. Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) 
  76. National University of Sciences And Technology (Pakistan) 
  77. Hiroshima University (Japan) 
  78. Sogang University (South Korea)
  79. Tianjin University (Mainland China)
  80. Shanghai University (Mainland China)
  81. Jawaharlal Nehru University (India) 
  82. East China Normal University (Mainland China)
  83. Sejong University (South Korea) 
  84. Jilin University (Mainland China)
  85. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Mainland China)
  86. Shandong University (Mainland China)
  87. Sichuan University (Mainland China)
  88. National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)
  89. Taylor's University (Malaysia) 
  90. Taipei Medical University (Taiwan) 
  91. Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
  92. HUFS - Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign Studies (South Korea) 
  93. University of Macau (Macau SAR) 
  94. Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea) 
  95. National Chengchi University (Taiwan) 
  96. Dongguk University (South Korea) 
  97. Pusan National University (South Korea) 
  98. Beijing Institute of Technology (Mainland China)
  99. Singapore Management University (Singapore) 
  100. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)

View the full QS Asia University Rankings here. 


Published annually since 2009, the QS Asia University Rankings highlights the top universities in Asia each year. The methodology used to create the ranking is similar to that used for the QS World University Rankings®, but with some additional indicators and adapted weightings. This set of criteria, developed in consultation with regional experts and stakeholders, is designed to reflect key priorities for universities in Asia, drawing on as much available data as possible.

These latest rankings were compiled using 11 indicators, each weighted according to their importance in the index. These indicators include academic reputation (30%), employer reputation (20%), faculty/student ratio (10%), international research network, citations per paper and papers per faculty (5%).

There are 93 new entrants overall this year, mostly from Japan, India, South Korea and Pakistan. Six of them secured ranks in the top 250.

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