This scheme will be applicable when riders upgrade their bicycles to selected power-assisted bicycle (PAB) models under MOBOT and FALCON PEV.

The power-assisted bicycle (PAB) upgrading subsidy scheme is Deliveroo Singapore's latest initiative announced in the past month to support its riders, after 'Rider Safety Month' and professional development courses.

The scheme is designed to support riders, specifically walkers and cyclists, to convert their mode of delivery to an electric bicycle. By doing so, Deliveroo hopes to help riders reduce the average order duration and increase riders’ earnings by empowering them to complete more orders safely within a shorter period.

This initiative, according to Deliveroo, was birthed after its recently conducted rider survey revealed that the amount of earnings (77%), the freedom of work schedules (74%), and the flexibility of time and place of work (64%; 47%) were the most attractive factors in helping riders choose this career path.

As such, 200 riders will be involved in the pilot phase, where Deliveroo will sponsor up to 50% (with a cap of S$500) on selected PAB models from two Land Transport Authority (LTA)-compliant suppliers, MOBOT and FALCON PEV. The riders will be able to purchase these new e-bicycles suitable for food deliveries or upgrade from non-powered bicycles from the partner suppliers.

"With food delivery in greater demand due to the pandemic, we know that our delivery riders, especially walkers and cyclists, want to deliver orders with ease and complete more orders within a day without compromising their safety," Sarah Tan, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore, said.

"Depending on the model and specifications, vehicles such as power-assisted bicycles can be expensive and cost about $700 to $1,800. We hope that with this new subsidy scheme, we are able to help our Deliveroo riders ease their financial burden and earn more within the hour through more deliveries fulfilled."

The S$100,000 pilot initiative is funded by the company’s global Community Fund, which recognises the importance of supporting local communities, restaurants, and riders.

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