While many bosses tend to generally reward extroverts for their social skills, introverts do have many qualities that make them wonderful employees and leaders, a recent study has found. 

Being an introvert is often misunderstood and mistakenly seen as socially anxious when in reality introverts, just get their energy by spending time alone with their thoughts.

Workplaces, in general, tend to reward extroverts for their social skills, but introverts have many qualities that make them wonderful employees and leaders, a recent study by Merchant Machine has found

Thus, in a time where working from home has become a norm, introverts may stand to benefit from the isolation. Lee Chambers, Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, explains: "Introverts have lower environmental needs, and less stimulation, which means they are more likely to value autonomy and manage themselves, remaining motivated. They are likely to be mindful and present, making those who they work with feeling heard and valued, and this is a powerful leadership quality.

"They also tend to be thoughtful and reflective, and this helps them speak with authority and look at the wider vision, as well as assessing risks and being prepared to take advantage of opportunities. By their very nature, they tend to be able to articulate their feelings well verbally and in writing, making them strong at responding effectively if given time and space. And more often than not, they take feedback and reflect on how they can improve, developing themselves if managed effectively."

In line with this, the study revealed the top 15 best-suited jobs for introverts, with their average salaries, how capable they are to work remotely, and ideal locations shown below:

#1 Physicists and astronomers 
#2 Machine operatives 
#3 Advertising and marketing professionals
#4 Web developers 
#5 IT data analysts 
#6 Welders 
#7 Plumbers
#8 Actuaries
#9 Software engineers and developers 
#10 Electricians
#11 Electronics engineers
#12 Graphic designers
#13 Journalists 
#14 Builders 
#15 Motor vehicle mechanics

priya dec 2020 introvert jobs merchant machine provided

Additionally, the study also identified the top 10 dream jobs for introverts to work in. which includes roles across the arts, working with animals, and more:

#1 Writer
#2 Music composer
#3 Artist
#4 Jeweller
#5 Computer architect
#6 Geneticist
#7 Racecar mechanic
#8 Archaeologist
#9 Animal trainer
#10 Zoologist

priya dec 2020 introverts dream jobs merchant machine

Above all, given that introverts thrive in quieter, less social settings, which locations are best fit for them to live and work in?

Canada, Australia, and Iceland top the list, with four, three, and four people per square meter, the study found.

Overall, these are the top 10 ideal locations for introverts to live in:

#1 Canada 
#2 Australia 
#3 Iceland
#4 Russia 
#5 Finland 
#6 New Zealand 
#7 Suriname 
#8 Mauritania 
#9 Norway
#10 Belize

priya dec 2020 introvert ideal locations merchant machine

Photo and infographics / Merchant Machine

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