Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that it has set up a 213 COVID-19 Assessment Centers (CAC) nationwide to handle the assessment of COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment at home.  

A press release posted on Facebook by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba, noted that the CAC will be classifying COVID-19 patient levels to determine subsequent patient management, including home treatment approval.

The CAC will also help identify suitable patients to monitor at home. These patients will be monitored and evaluated by CAC staff using the Home Assessment Tool (HAT). The CAC team will also act to identify and evaluate patients who are likely to be worse off.

Additionally, it will identify patients who need a referral to the COVID-19 Quarantine and Treatment Center (PKRC) or hospital. These are typically Category One and Two patients who are neither suitable for placement nor to be monitored from home. 

Finally, the CAC also serves to coordinate referrals from health clinics to PKRC or to hospitals.

The CACs are spread out nationwide as follows: 

  • 40 in Sarawak
  • 30 in Penang
  • 25 in Sabah
  • 19 in Selangor
  • 14 in Kelantan
  • 13 in Terengganu
  • 11 in Perlis
  • 11 in Kedah
  • 11 in Perak
  • 11 in Pahang
  • 10 in Johor
  • 7 in Negeri Sembilan
  • 5 in Melaka 
  • 5 in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur
  • 5 in Putrajaya
  • 1 in Labuan

Generally, each district has one CAC which is headed by a coordinator. There may also be a possibility of having two or more CACs in a district depending on the number of patients managed. 

The statement added: "Members of the public can contact the CAC through the telephone number that will be specified by the respective District Health Office.

"MOH through various levels and channels will inform the next steps that must be followed and practiced by patients throughout the treatment period at home."

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