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From 13 June 2022, ICA will only accept walk-ins for passport applicants who have been notified to collect their passport, submit supporting documents, or re-submit photographs.

In light of the the increase in passport applications since March 2022, Singapore's Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has reviewed its processes to facilitate passport issuance.

The current resources committed to manage the long queues and on-site requests will be redeployed to expedite the processing and issuance of passports. From 13 June 2022, ICA will only accept walk-ins for passport applicants who have been notified by ICA to:

  • Collect their passport;
  • Submit supporting documents; and/or
  • Re-submit photographs.

Passport applicants must show one or more supporting documents to be allowed entry into ICA Building. These supporting documents include:

For passport collection:

  1. E-appointment booking for passport collection at ICA Building;
  2. Manual collection slips for passport collection; or
  3. Online notification or pink notification card that their passport is ready for collection.

To submit or re-submit documents/photographs:

  1. Email notification to submit supporting documents; or
  2. Online notification to re-submit photographs.

In an effort to reduce the crowd at ICA building, applicants who need to collect their passport are advised to do so alone. As an exception, children, the elderly, and those who require special assistance may be accompanied by one other person.

Eligible applicants are also encouraged to collect their passport at one of the 27 post offices. There is no additional fee for passport collection at the post offices.

Passport applicants with other enquiries can contact ICA via other means:

  • Applicants who would like to check on their passport application status can do so by logging in to MyICA. Applicants will receive an email or a pink notification card from ICA when their passport is ready, and may proceed to ICA Building or designated post offices for collection thereafter.
  • If applicants need to travel urgently, they can submit an appeal to expedite the processing of their passport online at
  • For other enquiries on passport matters, applicants can refer to ICA's FAQs or reach out via Live Chat1.

Those who are unable to perform the above themselves and do not have proxies to assist them, may visit ICA Building for assistance on submitting their passport-related appeals online.

1Live Chat hours: 8am - 5pm on Mon - Fri, 8am - 1pm on Sat

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