Hong Kong's Vaccine Pass


Ordinary persons, i.e. members of the general public who have never had COVID-19 before, are required to receive three doses of COVID-19 vaccines to enter specified premises.

The third stage of Hong Kong's Vaccine Pass commences on 31 May 2022, where ordinary persons are required to receive three doses of COVID-19 vaccines to enter specified premises.

After the commencement of the third stage of the Vaccine Pass, the following persons are compliant with the vaccination requirements to continue to use the Vaccine Pass:

  1. Ordinary persons:
    • Received three doses of vaccine; or
    • Within six months after having received the second dose of vaccine;
  2. Recovered persons: 
    • Received three or two doses of vaccine;
    • Within six months after recovery;
    • Within six months after having received the first dose of vaccine after recovery; or
    • Aged 12 to 17 and received one dose of Comirnaty vaccine;
  3. Inbound travellers:
    • Arrived in Hong Kong within six months and holding the Provisional Vaccine Pass; and
  4. Persons who are verified to be unsuitable to receive vaccination by medical practitioners, and hold the COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate.

Vaccination requirements for different categories of persons under the third stage of the Vaccine Pass are as follows:

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The public may download the latest version of vaccination record through the COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System website, the "eHealth" or "iAM Smart" mobile applications, and store their relevant QR codes of the latest version of vaccination record (with date of birth and recovery record included) or medical exemption certificate with the latest version of "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application

Inbound travellers may declare non-local vaccination records and non-local recovery records (if applicable) through the online platform for declaration of non-local vaccination records or by visiting designated post offices to obtain the Provisional Vaccine Pass.

The HKSAR government reminds members of the public who are not yet compliant with the requirement of the third stage of the Vaccine Pass to receive the respective dosage of vaccine as soon as possible. Meanwhile, other members of the public who are eligible to receive the third dose should receive the third dose without waiting until the six-month grace period of the Vaccine Pass validity's expiry.

"Vaccination is highly effective in preventing severe cases or deaths from COVID-19. The implementation of the Vaccine Pass arrangement aims to raise the vaccination rate, strengthen the immune barrier against the epidemic and allow Hong Kong people's way of life to continue to resume normalcy in an orderly manner," said a government spokesperson in the press release.

"We strongly appeal to members of the public who have not been vaccinated, especially senior citizens, chronic patients and other immunocompromised persons who face a much higher fatality risk after COVID-19 infection, to get vaccinated with no delay for the sake of their health. Members of the public who are currently eligible for a third or fourth dose should also get the dose as soon as possible."

According to the recommendations by the Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases under the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health (DH), joined by the Chief Executive's expert advisory panel, persons who are unsure if they had a previous COVID-19 infection or persons who do not have their recovery record in the DH's system may safely receive the next dose of vaccine no less than 28 days after recovery.

Relevant government departments will conduct inspections at relevant premises during the subsequent long holiday after the adaptation period from 0.00am on May 31 to 0.00am on June 2, in order to determine whether specified premises comply with the relevant regulations under the Vaccine Pass, and whether relevant persons who enter or remain in those specified premises comply with the Vaccine Pass requirements.

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