Singaporeans generally feel they have an "average" work-life balance, a new study by Monster has revealed. In fact, 35% of Singaporeans are still unsatisfied with the amount of time they are able to spend with their family and friends, and it is even believed there is some serious room for improvement.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 respondents across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

When asked what work-life balance means to them, 73% of Singaporean respondents said it means not working on weekends; 66% and 43% of respondents from Malaysia and the Philippines respectively, said so.

Additionally, 69% of Singaporean respondents said it also means having the ability to leave on time, while it was said by 54% and 51% of respondents from Malaysia and the Philippines respectively.




At the same time, work-life balance means having flexible working hours to 54% from Singapore, 64% from Malaysia and 59% from the Philippines.

Lastly, 51% of Singaporean respondents felt it means having a lifestyle that is the right blend of work and life outside work, while 44% from Malaysia and 47% from the Philippines felt so.




Here's what else respondents had to say about different aspects of work-life balance:

Are they able to balance their professional and personal life?

50% of Singaporean respondents, 43% from Malaysia and 35% from the Philippines say they can only do so sometimes.




What are the barriers to balancing work and family commitments?

Two barriers to a work-life balance were highlighted. Firstly, 42% of Singaporean respondents, 41% from Malaysia and 36% from the Philippines felt their bosses had a negative attitude towards this balance.

At the same time, 40%, 39% and 34% respectively said their colleagues were too uncooperative and competitive to embrace such a thing as work-life balance.

In fact, according to 33% from Singapore, 30% from Malaysia and 19% from the Philippines also revealed their boss thinks work-life balance is a fad.




Is work-life balance really sought after?

According to the survey, yes. 86% of Singaporeans actually believe having good work-life balance can enhance productivity and in turn, positively impact the business. 81% of those from Malaysia and 88% from the Philippines feel the same way.




Additionally, the infographic cited that without work-life balance, people can suffer from the following:



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