Heriyanto Agung Putra, Human Capital Director, Bank Danamon Indonesia shares how the focus on creating an agile organisation to support people bankwide was the company's winning HR strategy. 

Taking home the silver for Excellence in CSR Strategy and bronze in Excellence in Employer Branding at HR Excellence Awards 2020, Indonesia is Bank Danamon Indonesia. Heriyanto Agung Putra, Human Capital Director, Bank Danamon Indonesia shares the organisation’s three strategic priorities (people, digital and branding) that brought home the accolades.

Q How would you describe your overall HR strategy, and what are some key milestones you’ve accomplished thus far?

Our overall human capital strategy is aligned with our bank’s aspiration and strategy that focuses on people, digital, and branding. We created a long-term target from 2017 until 2022, and a short-term target for each year, in order to accomplish our goals. Our focus in 2020 was to create an agile organisation which is able to support people bankwide.

Q What role has your leadership team played in supporting your HR priorities? How does your HR team collaborate closely with senior management to achieve business goals?

Our leadership team works in an agile way with a cross-functional team in the human capital (HC) division to support HC priorities. We do collaborate closely with our senior management by providing skill development programmes for people bankwide. The intention is to be able to support the business strategy in the future.

Q The pandemic caused many business plans to be upended. What was the greatest challenge you faced this and how did you manage to pivot your HR framework?

The challenge in this pandemic era is digitisation. It is the manual habit of having to switch to digital systems.

One example is training - trainings were usually held in physical classes, but it has to change to online learning/virtual learning. Not only in training, but all areas must shifted to digitisation.

Changing the mindset is one of the challenges of our company. Our company is currently concerned with three strategic changes, namely those related to people, digital and branding.

Q What are the other ways in which you are engaging the external environment in your strategy?

Our overall activity is not only focused on the internal part but also spreads widely to the external. We support the government and social community as a part of our responsibility to customers and society. We also continually to run campaigns about health protocol bankwide. This programme is part of our corporate social responsibility programme which aims to make people bankwide feel secure and safe.

Q What are the biggest business drivers that have pushed you to constantly come up with new ideas and raise the bar?

Our biggest business drivers that pushed us to constantly come up with new ideas and raise the bar of employer branding is the number of individual achievements. To support this agenda, we often participate in several events to strengthen our external relationship with the other companies. This is our way of expanding our business network.

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