Today, more organisations are implementing flexible working arrangements and allowing employees to work remotely.

However, working from home poses its own set of challenges such as getting distracted by surrounding noise. Hence, ahead of #WorkFromHomeDay on 10 April, Remote-how has put together four playlists (plus a bonus one) to cater to various scenarios every remote worker would face.

Feeling sluggish? Power up with this



Need to think up the next big idea? Get creative with this



Putting together a report together for your boss? Focus with this



Above all, don't forget to take a break






In addition, Remote-how has also released a guidebook on remote working which includes tips on how to stay productive such as:

  • Creating clear definitions for success.
  • Figuring out what times are best for creative or more repetitive tasks.
  • Budget your time well and don’t over or under spend.

Screenshots from Spoitfy Lead photo / 123RF