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Among the key things to note are those who are returning from abroad are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine, even if they are fully-vaccinated with two doses.

Between 9 to 14 September 2021, Thailand's Department of Public Relations (PRD) released a series of Q&As about vaccination certificates, inter-provincial and international travel, and vaccination for foreigners in the country. Below are the respective Q&As for locals, as well as expats in Thailand.

Q What to do if I have not received the vaccination certificate or if my vaccination information is incorrect?

A: According to MohPromt, Thailand's COVID-19 contact tracing app, you are to check at the receiving hospital or the vaccination service unit if you've not received your vaccination certificate. Should your vaccination information be incorrect, you are to notify the receiving hospital or the vaccination service unit and ask them to revise it.

Q I live in a dark-red zone province (i.e Bangkok), can I travel between provinces?

A: PRD said that since 1 September 2021, some of the restrictions on inter-provincial travel have been relaxed. Inter-provincial travel is allowed if necessary. But each province has different measures for entry, especially for people who travel from dark-red zone provinces. Please check the measures in each destination province before travelling.

Q When I finish my quarantine in a dark-red zone province (i.e Bangkok), I plan to visit my family in another province. Do I have to be in quarantine again, once I arrive at my destination?

A: After you finish your quarantine in Bangkok, for example, you'll receive the release document, and you can present this document to the local authorities. So you should be exempt from the local quarantine. But, PRD reminds, that each province has different measures, especially for those who travel from the dark-red zone provinces. As such, you are to check your destination province requirements, including transportation measures and requirements before travelling.

Q Are those who are already vaccinated in their home country required to have a 14-day quarantine after entering Thailand?

A: According to Thailand's Ministry of Health, those who are travelling from abroad are required to have a 14-day quarantine, even if they are fully-vaccinated (i.e. two doses).

Q What does 14-day quarantine mean? Is it from arrival time or from check-in time at the hotel?

A: The 14-day quarantine, PRD shared, will be counted from the check-in time at the hotel. Travellers can also look at this list of hotels for alternative state quarantine (AQ), which is an arrangement for stays at government-accredited hotels with the cost borne by the traveller.

Q Can foreigners with a tourist visa register for COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand?

A: Thailand's Department of Consular Affairs has confirmed foreigners with a tourist visa cannot register to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand.

There are, however, two types of foreigners who are eligible for vaccinations arranged by the Thai government. The first is those who are migrant workers working under Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) between countries and the Ministry of Labour (MOL). This includes workers who have a social security number. With that, MOL will provide COVID-19 vaccines to them.

The second is those who are on non-immigrant visas. This includes those who are:

  • Working under a government service visa;
  • business persons or persons with a business working visa;
  • Investors under authorisation from a relevant ministry;
  • Investments under a Board of Investment (BOI) agreement;
  • Under education, educational visit, or training;
  • Authorised to work in a foreign media agency;
  • In evangelism authorised by the Department of Religious Affairs;
  • In scientific research or practicum in a Thai educational institute, and
  • An expert craftsman.

More types of the permitted categories may be updated in further announcements.

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