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The wellbeing tag will be an extension of their work profile and will be included in each employee’s email signature, giving them the chance to share and celebrate their personal wellness strategies with each other and with customers.

MyRepublic has announced a new values framework and operating model, in hopes of accelerating its growth in a post-pandemic world of remote and hybrid work.

Inspired by a compass, the new values are symbolised by the four cardinal directions, highlighting their central role as "MyRepublic navigates its continued journey of growth enabled by employee-empowered work practices", the telecom operator said in a media release on Tuesday (16 November 2021).

To carry out these values — Never Settle, Empowered to Deliver, Stronger Together, and We Care, aptly called 'Our Compass' —, MyRepublic will begin implementing a new flexible approach to work, which empowers its employees to make choices around where and how they work whilst providing opportunities to take time to recharge within their working day.

These initiatives will include:

#1 The introduction of new workplace practices, which includes flexible hybrid working options and a work-from-anywhere for a month initiative.

As shared by Deborah Wollard, Chief People Officer, MyRepublic, the firm acknowledges that each employee is different and that different teams have different work rhythms. Considering this, employees will be able to choose a hybrid work pattern that best suits their personal needs and demands of the team.

Further, employees will be able to work from any location for up to four weeks a year.

#2 A personal quarterly wellbeing day to allow employees to take time off.

With the belief that time off to rest and recharge has never been more important than now, MyRepublic is ensuring the team takes time off regularly to recharge, connect and explore their passions, and inspire each other to do the same. This additional allowance extends beyond the existing leave allowance.

#3 The introduction of Beyond Work: personalised wellbeing tags which allow employees to share and celebrate their personal wellness strategies and passions with each other and their customers.

Realising that the wellness of employees goes far beyond work, employees are encouraged to create a unique wellbeing tag that describes the way they recharge, connect and explore beyond work as an expression of personal wellness.

This tag will become an extension of their work profile and will be included in each employee’s email signature, giving them the chance to share and celebrate their personal wellness strategies with each other and our customers. 

#4 An employee-led recognition programme that allows employees across the organisation to show their gratitude to each other.

With a new peer-to-peer recognition programme, MyRepublic is putting the power to recognise great work directly in the hands of employees. With the new tool, achievements will be celebrated when they happen, no matter where they happen.

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Talking about the above, Wollard comments: “The pandemic has upended the way we think about work so rather than try to mitigate the challenges it has presented, we have decided to use this disruption to rethink and revolutionise our company culture and ways of working. Like so many others, we know our employees have been grappling with the challenges of managing competing work and life priorities, COVID fatigue, and social and mental health issues.

“Our new values compass signals our commitment to creating a culture which not only acknowledges these challenges, but proactively enables our employees to make personal choices around when, where, and how they work. We want our employees to feel empowered to work in ways that respect and support their individual and family needs as well as enable them to do their very best work. We believe that ensuring our employees are happy, healthy, and thriving will be the key to our success and continued growth.” 

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